Detravian Allison: Longview (TX) cops summarily execute 18-year-old man

August 8, 2019

Mr. Detravian Allison

LONGVIEW, TX — The state of Texas is openly and proudly a white supremacist terrorist sanctuary in the United Police States of America. Those with common sense already know this. But yesterday was one of those days Texas really wanted to show its Confederate colors.

We’ll start in El Paso, where yesterday around 7 p.m., a radical white extremist showed up at the Casa Carmelita community center armed with a gun, knife, unidentified white powder, and wearing latex gloves. Keep in mind, this is the same city where 22 people were killed and 24 others injured by another radical white extremist just last week at a Walmart.

White terrorist briefly detained by El Paso cops, near Casa Carmelia community center.

Despite the white extremist trying to enter the Casa Carmelita building, brandishing a firearm, being in possession of several loaded magazines, a knife, and unidentified white powder, El Paso cops said “he has rights” and released the terrorist. The radical white extremist has since been lionized by Confederate media, specifically the Washington Examiner (note: we don’t give radical white extremists publicity, so its name is not used herein).

It was a completely different story eight hours earlier on the eastern side of the state. Longview cops received a call around 10:40 a.m. about a man allegedly making verbal threats at a business. Obviously the white person who called cops described the man as “black,” which instantly got the cops sexually aroused and salivating. Longview cops said they went to Longview Square Apartments on Pine Tree Road searching for the vehicle the caller described, that they now said was “reported stolen.”

Two men, one being 18-year-old Detravian Allison (also called “DeTravian Kennedy” in some social media posts), were inside the vehicle when cops showed up. Longview cops played the “he had a gun” card, which prompted them to open fire on the young man, killing him instantly. Another man was arrested. The killers were immediately rewarded for the kill with paid vacations, aka “paid administrative leave.”

Watch a report from KYTX CBS 19 in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The killers were also immediately rewarded with atta-boys and other accolades from the white copsucking community.

“LPD police don’t shoot anybody for nothing. It’s sad that the boy got shot, but they’re doing their jobs. They have to defend themselves,” one copsucker who lives at the apartment complex told the Longview News-Journal. There was a lot more of this worshiping of cops like gods on the Longview Police Facebook page when they reported the summary execution.

There is apparently video of either the aftermath or the actual shooting, along with several more accounts from witness who are not copsuckers. Nikki Lew posted this screenshot on Facebook that shows Mr. Allison already shot upwards of eight times, but cops are still putting handcuffs on him and aiming guns at him.

We learned a lot about this Texas town about four years ago when we covered the Kristiana Coignard story. It was January 22, 2015 when the 17-year-old tiny white girl entered the Longview Police Department asking them for help. She was immediately body-slammed and tasered, before being shot several times on tape. But here’s the kicker – the cops who attacked and killed her were black. That did not matter. White copsuckers worship those inanimate tin-foil badges like deities because they know cops are the enforcers of white supremacy. A few white people getting killed by cops is simply collateral damage for them to maintain white supremacy.

Simply stated, had Mr. Allison been white, he’d likely still be alive. It’s safe to say the young man was unarmed as the “he had a gun” card is the top subterfuge cops use to justify murder in 2019, after the “we feared for our lives” card. But for the sake of argument, if Mr. Allison had a firearm, he has the same rights as the white terrorist El Paso cops treated with kid gloves later that day. But again, black Americans have no Second Amendment rights. Whether you use the Philando Castile case, the El Paso case earlier yesterday, or common sense as proof, the facts remain the same.

White Confederate culture is now the norm again in the USA. Black people are three-fifths of a human being, chattel property. Sadly, most black people are too afraid or unable to defend themselves against radical white extremism. Democrats have conditioned many black American men to be emasculated and unarmed, thus this re-enslavement process is fairly easy for the terrorists. Radical right-wing extremists, especially cops, have no reason to fear or respect black people as a result. Those of us who are armed and ready to die for freedom will survive this Confederate reboot. The rest…god help you.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, which also goes by the same name as the Major League Baseball team in Arlington, is handling the kangaroo investigation into the execution. Longview cops have body-cams, but of course these low IQ individuals say it takes six months to look at the footage. The inevitable “justified” disposition should be released late this year or in early 2020.

Our thoughts are with the Allison family.

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