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  1. Rocker 1961
    July 23, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    Just of comment of commendation to you guys: the Affidavit of Truth is probably one of the second-most important documents in the united states of America, behind our precious, God-given Constitution. Note: united states in lower case was no accident on my part.

    Notice also I did capitalize “America.” I’m fully aware of the legal and lawful significance of this slight variation.

    Op-Nat: Thank you again for all you do for liberty and freedom.

  2. Rocker 1961
    July 23, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    Hello Op-Nat,

    Thank you so much for making available a simple legal document to declare one’s sovereignty from the tyrannical reach of government at ALL levels. I have a question that’s related to dissolving any legal obligations outside of common law with respect to Social Security SSI payments for PTSD and “anxiety disorder.”

    By properly notarizing and filing The Affidavit of Truth with the proper governmental authority, does this inform the Federal Government to stop payment of benefit?

    3 other questions:

    1. Is this document to be filed with the Secretary of State within one’s own state, or

    2. Filed with the Federal Government to some agency within it?

    3. Does this affidavit have to be filed every time one moves to another state within the US boundaries, whether it be continental or any of the 50 states or other US territories? I believe this question would only be relevant in the case of filing with a Secretary of State.

    But I don’t want to be presumptuous on the last point. Just fishing for additional information. I have also posted your site on FaceBook to share with others and to give your organization more publicity it deserves.

    You can bet that as a college graduate myself, I would like to have an alternative source of income derived from my own effort to really declare my liberation from the government. Not only in substance, but I don’t like being a hypocrite in the sense of denouncing the Feds while receiving financial assistance from them. That is NOT why I went to college.

    Thank you for your input in this matter; and thank you for being true patriots in giving others the alternative to free themselves as our Forefathers fully intended for us all with the Constitution.

    I commend you and my hat is off to you. I fully endorse and approve of what you’re mission is, as a fellow free citizen of the united states of America. I’ve studied a bit on corporate law and with being said, it was no accident that I indicated united states of America in lower case letters, not the corporate capital letter used in its designation as the corporate entity it actually is.

    Another tidbit on me is learning about contract law during the course of an entire segment on Business Law in college during my pursuit of an Accounting degree. So I had a little advantage there. With a little help from dictionary.com and another legal dictionary online, I was able to comprehend about 98% or more of what I was reading in the A.O.T.

    If you would, please answer my question above and I fully welcome your comments and feedback on any of my foregoing questions and comments. Thank you very much in advance. Keep up the good fight !

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