The OP-NAT EYE is dedicated to keeping U.S. media and government honest and holding them accountable for their actions. Newspapers, television stations, and radio stations in the United States are 96% owned by European and Euro-American men with agendas and large collections of Federal Reserve notes. That means media U.S. vernacular calls “mainstream” is state-run, white media that solely reflect white ideals, philosophies, views, and attitudes.

The OP-NAT EYE is dedicated to speaking in an unapologetic black voice. Our goals are education, information, and confidence for people state-run media and U.S. government do not represent and do not protect.

Operation-Nation is the parent organization of THE OP-NAT EYE. It was established in 2007. We are independent politically, and not affiliated with any religions. All written content is original and produced by us, unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to re-post any article with clear, proper attribution.

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