Mark Luttrell Jr: A Tullahoma (TN) Tale of Nazi Cops, Aryan Murder, and Endless Rumors

January 2, 2019 (updated 1:29 p.m. Pacific.)

Mark Luttrell, Jr.

  • Attorney for Mark Luttrell speaks to OP-NAT EYE
  • alleged assault case/warrant was shaky at best
  • Residents continue telling us stories of police brutality and malfeasance
  • Analysis of Corey Matthews case
  • Coverup at Walmart?

Several residents of the Tullahoma-Manchester micropolitan area have complained that our original article on the December 28 murder of Mr. Mark Luttrell, Jr. by Tullahoma Police at Walmart insulted all southerners because the first paragraph reads:

Americans of the white variety, particularly in Confederate states like Tennessee, are some of the most confused and strange people in the world. The Second Amendment and the right to protect yourself from government enforcers and anyone else is sacrosanct (as it should be) with said crowd; that is until it involves their gods in cop costumes.

No need to repeat what the Bible says about truth. This case is like “Return of the Jedi,” a movie we’ve seen 1,000 times and can recite line-by-line from memory. The end of our original article, without any insider information at the time, reads, “But again, there may be no warrant at all; just some Walmart employee and a local cop working together to kill a man.” Now that “assumption” seems to be coming to fruition.

We didn’t specifically know how the Confederate white supremacist angle would play out in this story that took place in a sundown town like Tullahoma, that one website ranked the 9th-most racist town in Tennessee. But we obviously knew it was coming. It’s nasty. It’s very disturbing. And the details are coming out.

No matter how you slice it, and placing personal opinions and beliefs aside, Mr. Mark Luttrell Jr. is the victim of police state murder in an area infested with white supremacists and authorities that apparently had been stalking Luttrell since he was a teenager.

Tullahoma 101

The OP-NAT EYE has received at least 30 emails from residents of Coffee County and Franklin County, Tennessee in the last 72 hours (note: Tullahoma is in both counties). Many of said emails are hard-to-read junk messages from white supremacists defending KKKops, smearing Mr. Luttrell, and calling us different variations of nigger.

One man, whose name we won’t publish for his own safety, and whose story mostly checks out, admitted to being part of “the Aryan Nation” and provided us a good road map as to Tullahoma politics and white supremacist culture in that area. We also received emails from residents who say they were inside the Walmart when Mr. Luttrell was murdered. At least 10 emails are from people telling us horrific stories about being dragged through a malicious justice system and brutally attacked by cops in that area. These stories are all very sad, with a tone of complete helplessness. They essentially emailed us because they just wanted somebody to listen.

All that said, we’re going to piece this together for folks not from that area and provide more details about the whole situation.

Mark Luttrell Prison Stint

First, Tennessee is one of the most antiquated states in the USA when it comes to online court and prison records. You must pay $30 to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) for them to “prepare” a report on current and former prisoners, whereas most other states allow you to simply type in a search query to get such information. The only information readily-available on the TBI/Department of Corrections site is about sex and meth offenders (for the record, Luttrell did not show up in meth and sex offender searches).

We won’t be contributing to a KKK organization like TBI to receive likely-doctored information on Mr. Luttrell. The Coffee County website is pretty useless too and isn’t even a .gov domain. Franklin County Courts charge $350 for online access to records. General web searches on Mr. Luttrell are also difficult because of another guy from Tennessee named Mark Luttrell who is the mayor of Shelby County (I thought mayors led cities, not counties). There is also a prison called Mark Luttrell Correctional Center in Memphis, making general web searches even more convoluted.

What we’ve learned through the flood of emails from Coffee and Franklin County residents, and people who knew Mr. Luttrell, is that he got into a lot of shenanigans as a teenager. He and several friends, according to two sources, were playing a game of what amounts to “mailbox baseball” like they were playing in the movie “Stand By Me” when Luttrell was 17.

It sounds like Luttrell got the black treatment from prosecutors and the judge based on accounts we’ve read. We cannot 100% confirm any related charges but he was sentenced to somewhere in the range of 4-8 years in prison for the aforementioned crime based on different accounts from residents.

Most rational, educated Americans know that the USA is a for-profit prison state where more than 55% of prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent, victimless “crimes.” U.S. private, for-profit prison companies like Corrections Corporation of America (don’t really care what they changed their name to) and GEO Group also have no interest in rehabilitating people. The idea is to destroy the minds and wills of prisoners so they come back to prison and corporate America can continue profiting from the slave labor.

Luttrell, like all other men in prison for long stints, had to join some kind of gang for sheer survival. He joined the Aryan Nation, which is routine for white men in prisons across America whether they are racist at heart or not. Its the same thing as black men being forced to join Bloods and Crips prison gangs for protection. Mr. Luttrell’s mother passed away while he was in prison and we’re told he was not allowed to attend her funeral. Its safe to surmise that missing his mother’s funeral further exacerbated the already bitter pill festering in his psyche. By the time Luttrell left prison, he had several white supremacist tattoos and had been indoctrinated in that culture.

Corey Matthews Murder

Luttrell got out of prison in 2011. But of course like all ex-convicts, the prison stigma followed him. Job prospects were bleak and the general public viewed him as damaged goods. Luttrell was luckier than most ex-prisoners and found love. He got married to his wife Brittany within eight months of his release. They had their first daughter sometime in late 2012 or early 2013. The other part of prison that followed Luttrell was the fact he had joined the Aryan Nation and in their eyes, he was still one of their henchmen. By all accounts, Luttrell was happy being a dad and husband, and wanted to leave the Aryan gang. Unfortunately that’s not how gangs work and that fact would soon play itself out in heinous fashion.

This brings us to Corey Matthews, an Aryan white supremacist from nearby Cowan, Tenn. It was March 23, 2013 when Matthews and three Aryan thugs met at his house, according to court documents the OP-NAT EYE obtained from a journalist who covered the story. Two of the Nazis – Todd Dalton and Keith Holmes – had been drinking moonshine all day while discussing kicking Matthews out of the gang because he was a suspected snitch. Gordon David Jenkins appeared to be the ringleader, as he had some kind of black book with the names and rank of all Aryan members in the area. He was the fourth person in the house, and had a ball-peen hammer in his possession.

For those unfamiliar, a ball-peen hammer looks like this.

The four of them got into Dalton’s truck and picked up a fifth party, John Lanier, and drove to a cemetery. The story from here just shows the feral nature of these types of people who are on police forces not only in Tennessee, but all across the USA.

All of them got out of the truck and pretended like it was just a normal moonshine and beer drinking night. But Matthews was soon shoved to the ground and the others started punching and kicking him. Lanier took a knife and cut into the Nazi/Aryan tattoos on Matthew’s chest. Jenkins began striking Matthews’ head with the hammer. The three other gang members were apparently in shock and were yelling for Jenkins to stop. But he persisted and essentially crushed Matthews’ skull and brain with at least 12 blows from the hammer. Jenkins, according to the documents, told the others they had earned higher rank in the gang for participating in the kill.

Coty Keith Holmes, David Gordon Jenkins (top), John Corey Lanier, and Todd Dalton (bottom).

Murder warrants were issued for all four of the killers two weeks later. Jenkins took his case before a Franklin County jury. He was found guilty of first-degree murder in March of 2015, and sentenced to life in prison (NOTE: WKRN Channel 2 removed their story about Jenkins [] and its somehow not even in archives anymore. But here is another story about Jenkins and his sentence via Times Free Press and Dalton pleaded guilty to lesser charges in Franklin County Circuit Court in March of 2016. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Holmes and Lanier also pleaded guilty to lesser charges. Each were sentenced to three years in prison followed by 12 years of probation.

Small town rumors and alleged crimes

Outsiders and casual observers may ask, for good reason, why did we just chronicle all that when Mark Luttrell, Jr. had nothing to do with it? We read over 30 articles from various media and bloggers related to this murder, and the 40-plus pages of court documents we obtained related to the four killers. None of them mentions Luttrell’s name.

According to one of our sources, Tullahoma and Franklin County Police with ties to the Aryan gang, tried to pin the murder on Luttrell for whatever reason. Perhaps it was because he needed to earn his Nazi stripes on the outside of prison by taking the fall. The mere accusation spread like a virus around the area, causing an additional stigma that Luttrell had to deal with, in addition to his ex-convict status. There was also the guilt-by-association factor because Luttrell had a bunch of Nazi tattoos on his body. The anxiety and stress from all this took its toll on Luttrell’s family and he separated from his wife.

Luttrell briefly got involved with another woman, which proved to be a bad situation. We’ve heard a few different versions of this story. But the crux of it is that this woman had children and was not married or was separated from the father. The children’s father did not like her being with Luttrell because of all the aforementioned. The story goes, again as we pieced together various accounts and found consistencies, that the father reported to police that Luttrell pistol-whipped the woman on some occasion. Things get fuzzy from there.

Attorney Robert Carter

A bunch of dumb Nazis from the same IP address (guess they think a website ran by ethical hackers, journalists, and SEO people can’t see this) keep trying to flood our message boards with unverified claims that an aggravated assault warrant was out on Luttrell. Others have posted messages saying Luttrell was wanted for murder. The truth is that the female victim in this newly-alleged aggravated assault crime either refused to provide a statement about this assault or failed to show up when subpoenaed. Essentially the father of her kids reported the “crime” because he didn’t like her seeing Luttrell.

Luttrell failed to show up to court when a warrant was allegedly issued. Normally when both assailant and victim are not willing to prosecute a case, it’s dropped. But that didn’t happen here. Tullahoma Police and the Sheriff’s Offices continued to pursue Luttrell on these allegations. He was eventually apprehended when a Tullahoma cop struck Luttrell with a patrol car while he was riding a motorcycle. Luttrell was taken to jail, severely injured from the wreck caused by Tullahoma cops.

He got out of jail, which seems counter to the alleged seriousness of the charges. Luttrell was a convicted felon at the time, facing alleged aggravated assault charges, and had skipped a court date. So why was he released at all? Luttrell was represented by Tullahoma attorney Robert Carter.

Tullahoma attorney Robert Carter.

“I’m comfortable that there was a warrant out, but I’ve never seen it,” Carter said. “Police in Tullahoma and Franklin County alleged that [Luttrell] ran from them at a high-rate of speed on a motorcycle. The case was set for a jury trial in Franklin County Circuit Court on October 22.”

Luttrell did not show up for the trial and the Franklin County district attorney issued a bench warrant. He may have had an accompanying case in Coffee County but Carter said he did not have further details. Mr. Carter also spoke about the alleged aggravated assault case in Franklin County with the female victim.

“I got some indication that the case was going to be dismissed because the victim was not going to testify,” Carter said. “The only case [Luttrell] was really in hazard of was the evading arrest cases. These are felonies, but low-grade felonies. He was definitely looking at some penitentiary time if he was found guilty. But I’ve won cases like this [for my clients] in the past.”

Carter said Luttrell did not afford himself the opportunity to be exonerated by skipping court. The attorney also said Luttrell likely just got his court dates mixed up because he had so much going on. He had traffic cases and a simple possession of marijuana case happening at the same time, all of which were minor. But Carter made clear that Luttrell was wanted for evading police and missing court, not for aggravated assault or murder.

“The court date he missed that led to the warrant was for evading arrest,” Carter said. “I was not near as concerned about the alleged domestic violence case than I was the evading case.” We also spoke briefly about the Corey Matthews murder.

“I’ve never seen a piece of hard evidence that tied him to the [Matthews] case,” Carter said.

The December 28 Death of Mark Luttrell

The police fired at least six bullets in the Walmart store that residents say is a common hangout of teenagers; like kids used to hang out at malls in the 1980s. They could have easily killed a child or someone else in their reckless, rabid rages in killing Luttrell. The reckless nature of Tullahoma Police and their subsequent arrogance is quite telling and only strengthens arguments of malicious intent. The department has 35 total officers, with three of them joining the force just three years ago. At least five of the officers on the force have direct or indirect ties to Aryan gangs, according to local residents.

Witnesses at the scene of the murder said Mr. Luttrell was hit by at least three of the six bullets. One bullet took out the glass on one of the Walmart refrigerated areas. We’re told the glass has yet to be replaced as of publishing; almost as if to continually remind people of what happened. No ambulance was called after the shooting, according to witnesses. “They let him lay there and bleed out to make sure he left that store a dead man,” one witness said. “Well they once again got the job done.”

Witnesses also said that a black cop shot and killed Luttrell. But residents close to the situation say that police are going to say a rookie white cop killed him. One local news agency published an article this morning saying that it was a rookie cop. This again corroborates the position that this kill was done for one of the Aryan cops to earn his stripes; thus a black cop cannot be given “credit” for it.

There’s also the frustration factor. Luttrell had evaded these cops for months, sometimes even getting away from them in high-speed vehicle chases and foot chases. He outsmarted and out-maneuvered cops repeatedly, which damaged their egos. They finally had him in their sights and killed him out of frustration.

“I can see where you might come to that conclusion, but I couldn’t point to a piece of hard intelligence that says that,” Luttrell’s attorney Carter said. Some of Luttrell’s family members said Tullahoma Police have smirked and even laughed at them as they entered the Walmart since the murder.

Finally, there is the story of Jacob Wilson. At least 20 residents have confirmed that he is the person at Walmart who called police. We’re told that Wilson is addicted to methamphetamine and was paid by police to inform them immediately if Luttrell ever entered the store. There are also reports that police now have Wilson in a de-facto witness protection program. He is allegedly being housed at a motel near the Walmart with round-the-clock police protection.

What’s next?

Micropolitan authorities are still protecting the name of the cop who pulled the trigger. What is known for certain, and contrary to what many people are saying, is that Luttrell was not wanted for murder or aggravated assault. He was allegedly wanted for skipping court. But Luttrell’s attorney has never seen an actual warrant. He just said he’s “confident” that such a warrant existed.

Mark Luttrell was no angel. He was forced to join a white supremacist gang in prison and that stigma followed him on the outside. But the initial crimes of Luttrell that started the downward spiral are rinky-dink at best and his whole life was turned upside down by years of imprisonment. Bottom line is that police thugs in Tullahoma murdered this man and now are trying to put on a good face for their copsucking fans. Said fans are also doing a great job slandering Luttrell to help make a good case for the murderous pigs.

Luttrell is unlikely to have been friends with any of us here at the OP-NAT EYE. But he’s still an American who was maliciously murdered by cops. That’s all we care about.

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  1. Detective Rabbit
    September 10, 2020 at 5:06 am

    Here where I live they stop you for just walking down the street. I AM NOT KIDDING!!!!

  2. Nicole Lawson
    May 1, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    The Mark I knew since I was 12 was a great man!!! He was solid & had a ❤️ of pure gold!!! He would give anyone the shirt off his back & then some!!! So to all you MF talking shit no your fucking facts!!! Justice needs to be severed!!! I ♥️ you lil Mark!! Untill we meet again!! ML&R!!

    • Holly Ann
      May 18, 2020 at 8:48 pm

      Correct spelling helps sweetheart:

      “So to all you MF talking shit no your fucking facts!!!”
      No = Know
      That’s a simple word that was taught to you when you were in elementary school. Ehh, you went to school around the Tullahoma area. I see why your education isn’t on par with everyone else’s education.

      “Justice needs to be severed!!!”
      Severed = Served

      Quick education lesson for you…
      •Severed is to have been cut or sliced off. I’ll use it in a sentence for you that will be easy to understand: “I severed his head off his body”.
      •Served is to perform duties or service for another person or organization. Again, I’ll use it in a sentence that will be easy for you to understand: “The Police served a warrant”.

      It sounds like you might need to go back to school to get your diploma. It’s probably too late on the diploma for you, you’ve probably been on your back for quite a few years getting knocked up. And you probably are (or have been) a junkie. If you get some meth it might be easy to study and prepare for the GED, seeing how the diploma ship has sailed.

      Xoxo 😘

  3. Christa
    April 30, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    And when. It comes to corn bread the cops should never went in that MF store with kids and stuff and everyone knows if he did have a gun he puts it inside his best he wouldn’t have time to even go for it cause it’s on the inside and anyone who ever see a vest knows what I am talking about so how TF was he spose to grab it they just didn’t won’t to get that ass whooped in Walmart but everything is said by Craig but guess what we’re is Craig at when all this shit is going down being a hipacrit talking about believe ing in God well MF let me tell u something god doesn’t like people who judge but u will be judged when that day comes I hope they all get justice

  4. Justice4Bread
    February 3, 2020 at 10:37 am

    It’s sad the cops killed this man and the cops knew they could never catch him they always had it out for him since he was young when they would see him out they would follow him and harass him they knew Corn Bread was a runner because they would always abuse him by tasering him use pepper spray when they knew he was immune to it that is when they knew they had to kill him they had always called upon the Airanation to go after people because them cops didn’t want to get their hands dirty the whole system is crooked! Each member has a tag on their head on how much they are worth Bread was worth a lot of money. Justice needs to be served and them cops need to lose their jobs!

    • Anonymous
      June 10, 2020 at 1:47 pm

      The cops in Tullahoma are a fuckin joke. They think they run the show. They’re dead fuckin wrong. Bunch of fuckin clowns runnin around in government uniforms. Fuck em. Each and every one of em.

  5. anonymous
    February 1, 2020 at 8:58 am

    I know for a fact this dead was a shot caller on multiple murders that he never took the fall for or the bodies were not found. I have no sympathy for bread. He made it clear he was not going back to prison. They fail to mention how he is the one who order the hit and dismemberment of that steele kid a year before.

    • Audrey
      February 4, 2020 at 6:58 am

      Whoever you are this is why you are anonymous because you have no facts to back you outlandish statement. I’m the mother of his 2 oldest children Bread never killed anyone. Maybe whooped a few ass and afterwards they wish they were dead but NEVER actually killed anyone. Who are you by the way you know if you have such factual information then you wouldn’t hide behind a computer screen. You know you ppl kill me NO in NO way was Bread a saint AT ALL!!! But he wasn’t what some of you ppl are trying to make him out to be. To me Mark was a lost little boy stuck inside a mans body that had been scared over and over again. You know you guys have no idea what this mans childhood entailed either so before you start speaking and running someone’s name into the ground KNOW WHAT YOUR SPEAKING ON. I’ve knew him since I was 13 years out we had our first baby at 15 and 14. I knew Mark’s pains and all the things that lead him to now his grave so please stop running his name into the ground and allow the man to finally rest that’s all we ask..

    • April 27, 2020 at 9:36 pm

      You a lying piece of shit you punk ass bitch made mother fucker… probably police…I’ve known Mark my entire life did time together and some more shit…man was all heart and all about family inside prison Walls were your bitch ass would be in protective custody or out here on the streets were you are still hiding and scared…I’ve seen him do with out MANY TIMES to help people he didn’t even know…MAN FUCK YOU!!! AND MY NAME IS JOE GREEN MOTHER FUCKER FROM TULLAHOMA TENNESSEE 1004 E. WARREN STREET 37388 TDOC 356029

    • Anonymous
      June 10, 2020 at 1:43 pm

      Oh, u mean the Steele kid tht was a dope head? Mf u don’t need to talk about shit u ain’t got no right talkin about. Keep ur fuckin nose clean and stop mouthin about shit. It’s mfs like u tht need to be shut up cuz u like runnin ur fuckin mouth and pointing fingers. Don’t let ur own finger point back at urself bitch.

  6. teenabright
    February 1, 2020 at 6:43 am

    I hope like hell they do cause those cops are dirty over there and do anything to set you up ..if they don’t like u or know u .to make there self look good they always mess with my son to.him and Micheal was like brother.i pray krama get all those cops .what happen to the ones that uses to help you ………😢

  7. Sarah G.
    October 6, 2019 at 9:52 am

    I just moved away from Tullahoma last week. Moved there for my ex-husband who turned out to be a racist POS himself. Still feel kind of bad for Luttrell. He sound mostly like a follower, someone who cannot think for themselves.

  8. Santa's Helper
    June 7, 2019 at 7:47 am

    Tullahoma cops in the last few years have become very aggressive. Lots of over pumped young twits that are only looking for a fight or to show you how superior they are. The big thing is, the don’t realize they can be replaced if the city makes some noise about it. But everybody is too damn scared to say anything. It’s not police protection – it’s dictatorship and it comes in the form of tiny little chips at a time. All black people under the age of 40 are considered suspects, regardless. All teenagers are whipping posts for their egos. There’s some pretty heavy stuff that goes on in this little town that a blind eye is turned. They go for the piddly shit and ego shit instead and it’s basically since the new sheriff was elected. He’s got a bad ego problem. They’ve always sort of been that way. Tullahoma doesn’t think it’s shit stinks. But it’s much worse the last few years. It’s all, “Shut up! I’ll do the talking. You just shut the fuck up and I’ll ask the questions”

  9. Erin Kavanagh
    March 27, 2019 at 6:33 am

    I Just Moved Out of Franklin Co. for the Exact reasons stated above. That and the face that officer Seth Isabell Shot my friend Michael Adams in the face! Maybe You guys can get some info on that.

  10. Jennifer N Heriges
    February 2, 2019 at 10:03 pm

    My question is when do we all stand up?! I knew bread and I knew who he was and it’s was not dangerous. This town has blackmailed,extorted and threaten so many and they’re scared to talk at all.


    • T sand
      February 1, 2020 at 7:42 am

      Fuck Franklin county and tullahoma police

  11. Troy Bright
    January 12, 2019 at 9:07 pm

    I knew cornbread personally he was one of my LT in the aryan nation. He was a good brother and a good friend. Tullahoma police murdered a good man ,father,brother. Y’all can suck a dick you coward fucks I hope the cops involved hit the first light pole you come to in the way home to your family’s police aren’t nothing but gang members as well and there color is blue. Rest In Peace bread I love ya. Tullahoma police 🖕

  12. NoneYa Business
    January 7, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    I just have ONE question … when is the TBI going to release the tape? I’ve seen sooo much controversy that he pulled a gun first, etc…. where’s the Walmart video???

    • 1 of 2
      February 4, 2020 at 7:17 am

      Honey they aren’t gonna show that footage to the public. #1 they know their asses would be took down then. #2 the TBI works along side the Tullahoma Police Dept. Even if there was foul play do you really think they are gonna say their fellow men in blue murdered this man?? WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION!! 3rd what I heard the footage held within it was so blacked out you couldn’t see hardly shit. Now y’all answer me this?? If Wal-mart cameras are so good they can see the VIN # on your vehicle, then why was this footage so blacked out? I guess the camera decided to malfunctioned on Dec.28th only right!!! No false the tape was doctored that’s why it took so long for any of the family to see the footage. Also who let’s a human being ” I do not give a damn what they have done” lay in the floor of a Wal-mart after being shot multiple time for 36 hours bleeding out and never once called for emergency medical help???? I mean come the f**k on y’all know this shit does not add up even if you were against the man you know in your mind none of the shit adds up to what they are trying to say. Bread and I didn’t have the greatest relationship but we always had each others back when it came down to it . This shit is just wrong and damnit he deserves JUSTICE and his family deserves to know the fu**ing TRUTH!!!!!

    • Abby. Bby PHeart
      September 1, 2020 at 8:03 am

      Bread is my big bubby. I hadn’t seen him since I was 4 or so…. I had just turned 18 in September. Someone convinced me to move to crossville dec3, 2018. My brother gets murdered not long after….. Recently someone took everything off of his grave. My brother took care of his community. Protected children and family and friends… His grave should have never been bothered…. I am his keeper. Everyday I say his name and r.i.p . recently was in manchester walmart pacing back and forth waiting for transaction. Went outaide came back in and 2 police officers walk around and in front of me was going to walk out. It started pouring rain. I ran between both officers saying ” r.i.p cornBread’ running in rain with my hands in air… The best feeling ive had in an extremely long time. My brother was not happy in heaven… I know what he felt like before he past… Black people follow me , try to run me over, Chase my mother and I at night. And provoke me . I refuse to retaliate. Cornbread would want me to show them hes still here through me. And I refuse to entertain anything that I could retaliate and mess my life up over. Im a generation curse breaker and this is where it stops. God and cornbread has walked with me day and night in tullahoma past 2 years. Now im working and pregnant with a Highly important kind of baby…. My brothers life mattered. Im not married into anything. Im not put into anything. I am born into making where we all grew up a place kids can play, drugs aint laying on street, and fighting and never giving up for what bread FAUGHT for. Im not gonna retaliate. I wanna be left alone. Im a new mother who is starting with nothing homeless and all. Im working less than minimum wage. I need the protection from the ones who protected bread and more. This whatever thats after me that was after him needs to realize this isnt just any baby… Its guardian angel my brother is in heaven. If you truly knew my bubby and loved him at all this is his baby sister he started certain purple heart for is calling out… Im innocent and just trying to get by and work and save money for my child. Protection is needed. I love everyone and believe in forgiveness and peace. I need higher up to be informed to sit back and watch how I’m followed, stalked , and provoked by people who really aren’t allowed to be in my area. Noone can take my bubbys spot. So this is HIS real baby sister asking to cut out whatever was started after my brothers death. There can be no truce cause the line has been crossed. Leave me alone, and the rest of us as well. My baby deserves to not be misplaced. Deserves to grow up with our people and protected and have a joyful and peaceful life. Bout to be 2 years. Im asking nicely make your way away from my brothers life or ANYTHING to do with it.

  13. Chris shaw
    January 6, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    RIP brother much love gonna miss you

  14. Joshua Kilgore
    January 6, 2019 at 4:09 am

    Well if u knew Mark, i call him bread he was a very in tune person. He was scary to some but not to me. He was a great friend and didn’t want violence! …Sometimes people only respond to violence, and that’s what it took. Some take a little less to know respect! He was dedicated to respect and loyalty. …Both words mean way more than just the little space they take on this page! He wasn’t what i would call racist!!. Hell he had all kinds of color around and about! He did believe in high standards( keeping something the way God made it). …is that racist? i scratch my head, hell no its not racist to be pure in blood and heart … Well that’s just what God insist for us, as a rule to go bye …Basically this guy was close to knowing to much and making to many elephants fly !!! when u meet a Godly person 99.9 percent of the time its not in the little white church with babtist or christ on the sign out front ! its in the real world>( where sin is), and pain, and loss of faith! Its there where u meet a person such as this ! Don’t get me wrong, church is better than alot of places u could find yourself and necessary! Well anyway, what the deal is its plain to see ! Its the war ! the war that has always been ! Good and evil ! This is one of the finest examples i have ever seen! From juvenile to adult to graduated and with Jesus!!, Mark was attacked thru all the resources available to evil so to speak …. its a fine case of ( lets get this one out a here before he does to much damage to us !!! ) like i could see hell bitching what the hell is he still doing topside !!! Seriously …. What a waste that’s usually the case !! Ok people don’t let his love go to waste !!! Please remember his sacrifice ! He wouldn’t give them what they wanted because he couldn’t he had to much love !!! He was truly a Godsend ! Thank you for your time !
    With deep regards , his friend and brother ! goodbye and just know i know bro!

    • Eek
      January 12, 2019 at 5:38 am

      Jesus, Tullahoma needs a better education system.

      • Holly Ann
        May 18, 2020 at 9:29 pm

        Thank you for that! Tullahoma badly needs a better education system. The replies that these people have written out are horrendous. The sad thing is that common sense words, that people were taught at an early age, are being brutally misspelled. I can look past punctuation errors, but words that a 9 year old child knows, are being brutalized by adults that are far older than 30 years old is embarrassing. And these adults can’t blame their shit grammar due to social media because they didn’t have fucking Facebook or even MySpace when they were teenagers, like the idiot children we are raising up now. I grew up in the same generation that you all did and my grammar turned out pretty decent even without a college education. I’ll spell it out a little more simple for you guys, Y’ALL ARE FUCKING STUPID AND SOUND LIKE DUMB HICKS, get off your backs and quit popping out babies just so you can stay on government assistance and keep getting those big ole tax refund checks. You are the drain on our society in America and in our small communities. No wonder why our food banks are running empty, you hit up every one of them in coffee county so that you and your six kids (four of which are from different fathers) have a full pantry with plenty of goodies. And I bet you get the max on your food stamps too. I’m sure that Coca-Cola tastes great when you’re washing down those chips and cookies you got with those food stamps. All because you’re the pass around Sally in the neighborhood who all the guys know will spread their legs wide open. Stay classy you smart ladies in coffee county 😘😘

  15. Anonymous
    January 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    I know for a fact cops around that area are crooked. I watched my brother stay in trouble over garbage and sent to jail numerous times. Everytime they seen him. They messed with him. Even put on some website at some point saying he was dangerous and to call local authorities if anyone seen him. They went through hell trying to get that taken off and eventually did. TO THIS DAY he is still messed with if seen. Working a full time job being an upstanding citizen and still messed with. As a matter of fact, he was pulled over on the job and put in jail for 2 days on bs charges that were inaccurate and dropped. Missed 2 days of work and spent 2 days in jail over nothing. When he was 17 or 18 he was strapped to a gerny going to the hospital and repeatedly peppersprayed. How are you going to pepperspray a person tied up? Yet no one will do anything. I know someone who was taken to the woods and beat up because he got smart with a cop. I seen the bruises. I myself was a victim of bs charges that thank God were dropped AND I AM AN UPSTANDING CITIZEN. I’ve since moved and I went back to visit and was pulled over 4 times in one day in Winchester because officers were looking for a vehicle that matched mine. Different county close raided the wrong house and gave an older gentleman a heart attack that ended in his death. Nothing done. Bottom line is most officers in the area think they are above the law and this honestly needs change. Not every cop is this way, but in my opinion there definately are more then there should be. I do not trust law enforcement in that area. Never will. How did the man know they were trying to kill him before they did. Think about that and I know this to be 100% true.

  16. Anonymous
    January 4, 2019 at 1:42 am

    You know it’s messed up and sad how crooked these police wanna be. They think they can do what they want and break laws as well. No not true. They are always one wrong or bad decision away for ending locked up too. Pretty sad how they think they run shit. Hell this state and this country goes against our constitution. In which our founding fathers wrote. I’m sorry but no law over rides the constitution by any means. Like consider to my last name. I’m not from here and they still spell my last name wrong even after being shown in plain black and white. And this county thinks I’m related to some them around here when there last name has an s on the end. Nowhere in relation what so ever but they try and treat me wrong. Even over a bullshit accident that happened last may but they wanna believe someone’s mom who A. Wasn’t there. B. Was nowhere around period. C. Was at her home in Manchester. And D. Made a complete insane bizarre statement that wasn’t true and the person the accident happened too never said a word to the police, could hardly talk due to a concussion, and still kind of out of it. But cause of an accidental knock out I got charged with a domestic assault for no reason. These cops ain’t worth a damn. Aryan Nation is not racist. They just believe in family, believe in keeping the races pure, such as white with white, black with black, Mexican with Mexican, and so on. They did business with a lot of ppl. Friends with different races. But Mark didn’t deserve that. He loved his family, his kids, and was respectful. He just didn’t take no shit from ppl. R.i.p. Mark “Cornbred” Luttrell Jr. Well respected, loved, and missed. Watch over us!!!

    • Wut did I just read
      January 4, 2019 at 9:43 am

      “Aryan Nation is not racist. They just believe in family, believe in keeping the races pure, such as white with white, black with black, Mexican with Mexican, and so on.”
      Grab a dictionary and do a quick 10 second read on “racism”. Even a quick internet search has Aryan Nation littered with neo-nazi related articles and even a damn Wikipedia article. 😂

      • Mandy
        February 1, 2020 at 8:56 am

        It’s don’t matter what the damn dictionary says. These idiots have a whole new meaning on the streets.. You need to get educated on how shit really works out here..

  17. Maryann
    January 3, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    I didn’t know the guy but my boyfriends brothers and sister did and I don’t think those cops should of done tht kind of shit and murder a man who was at Walmart in tullahoma. I agree with some people tht cops has murder tht poor man. Now his daughters has live without their daddy and I feel so bad for those two lil girls. Like myself and my boyfriend and people I know we don’t like cops. These cops think they can do whatever they want cuz they have badge and gun. The person who rat him out for being in store will eventually get what’s coming to them. He or she tht rat tht poor man out, I sure hell hates rats. But whatever comes will go around and they will get one day.

    • Robin Hood
      October 27, 2019 at 12:39 am

      If there is anyone out there that can help in any of these events PLEASE get your contact info to those of us who can’t just leave this nightmare town. Daily people here are going missing, being lost in the system, being murdered, and none of them had anybody to reach out to for help. Mark Luttrell regardless how the media paints him was a modern day Robin Hood. He was a protector, a helping hand, and a shoulder to lean on for more people than any one could ever guess. Since he has been gone its only gotten worse for those of us who were his associates in any type of way. It seems as if they are trying to silence all of us. Anyone who knew him well can tell you he didn’t approve of giving up or cowering down especially to these bullies.The only silver lining here is that so many people seen this article so hopefully help will come. My life was saved twice by this man so I certainly won’t ever stop hoping nor trying to help justice be served. Fly High Cornbread.

  18. Anonymous
    January 3, 2019 at 1:02 am

    Its sad when you can’t even trust your own law enforcement when you’ve been told they are here to PROTECT and serve. I hope the truth of this situation is brought to light soon enough. Scary not knowing what to believe in the city you grew up and live in. No one is safe..

  19. Anywhere but Tullahoma
    January 2, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    I grew up half of my life in that sad little’s always been so corrupt. An old friend of mine actually got killed as well during a run in with the police, Tim McMillan. Well, he took his own life but his last words were “ they’re trying to kill me, I’m about to die”. I’ll tell ya one thing though, NEVER EVER even think about moving to or near that’ll kill you. Literally

    • Erin Kavanagh
      March 27, 2019 at 6:45 am

      Also include: Cowan, Winchester, Decherd, Estill, manchester and Shelbyville. Don’t move your children to TN Period! VA has the Best school system!

  20. Paul Baker
    January 2, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    I’ve met this man a couple of times I was only a juvenile but coffee County is the same way when my mother got with a man who just got out of prison well he started cooking meth again well the investagator “James Sherril” starts popping around pretty much starts pulling my friends over my moms friends followed us everywhere we went till he got them well he continued harassing me my family and friends because he thought we had connections to a gang and never did some of my buddy’s had family in the Ayrins I kept getting in trouble and so did my friends and family because he would just pop up well a year later mom gets out and he was still harassing us we ended up going to jail again but it’s gotten so bad we see him and go the opposite direction still to this day I know James had it out for cornbread as well he once told my buddy’s mom that we wouldn’t stop till we was all locked up or moved out of Hillsboro he has bought land out there just so he has another reason to be out there it’s so wrong but no one will listen because all the other cops stick up for him just seen this thought maybe you can get it out that the cops are harassing people my mom didn’t have any run in with the law till she was 34 then she gets arrested like 4 or 5 times in 2 years all because he kept harassing us but anyways thanks for your time

  21. Cassandra
    January 2, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    You know they haven’t released the cops name….but me and a few others know his name…just a matter of time till everyone knows

    • Jai
      January 3, 2019 at 7:03 pm

      Was it a black cop??

  22. Anonymous
    January 2, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    Jacob Wilson was not an employee of Walmart, He is or was dating a Walmart employee and they have a kid together. I’m not sure if Jacob is even still in town, he has deleted his social media account and last posted he was on the way to Boston but he is originally from California and moved back to Tennessee in 2016, so if he did skip town I’d say he went back to California.

    • Audrey
      January 16, 2019 at 9:44 pm

      I say that’s the best thing for that snitching punk ass dude to do. He wouldn’t wanna be seen anytime soon or for the rest of his life I bet.

  23. Suffering in this corrupt town!
    January 2, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    Now, if we can get someone that’s not linked up to these to fix all of this…What a mess! It’s very hard to live here anymore. It’s sad when you know right from wrong, but can’t stand up for really what you believe in, because you fear for your life and the lives of your children. I know/ knew Mark, and he knew they were going to kill him. He said out of his own mouth ” They are trying to kill me”……. Rest in Peace Mark … I am so very sorry this has happen to you and your children! ………

  24. Melissa
    January 2, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    Omg I am so shocked wow I just sat here and cried reading this

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