Zechariah Presley: Another white cop, another dead black man, another slap-on-wrist punishment

October 6, 2019

Kingsland police thug Zechariah Presley and Mr. Anthony Green.

CAMDEN COUNTY, GA — Mr. Anthony Green is dead and the whiteboy in cop costume who murdered him is likely to get a year or less in prison.

Mr. Green was minding his own business on June 21, 2018, driving near Kingsland, Georgia – a small coastal town of about 17,000 residents, 35 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida. Zechariah Presley, a 25-year-old white cop from the Kingsland Police Department, started following Mr. Green. Presley said he suspected Mr. Green was “driving without a license.”

The 33-year-old Green had seen this story before, as every other black man in America has seen the story. He instantly feared for his life when the lights of terrorism appeared in his rear-view mirror. Mr. Green pulled over, got out of his car, and ran. This story is now the 50th time in Operation-Nation history that we have linked the 1985 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Tennessee v. Garner. It’s allegedly illegal for cops to shoot fleeing suspects in the back. But cops are blood-thirsty, Constitutionally-protected thugs who know they get paid vacations and accolades from the copsucking crowd for killing black people.

Mr. Green was shot at least eight times in the back. He died instantly. The cop got what he wanted – he was immediately rewarded with a paid vacation. The cop told investigators that Mr. Green “tried to grab his Taser” and some other garbage. A Camden County grand jury indicted Presley for mere voluntary manslaughter a week later. The clown show commenced from there.

Presley hired under the “anybody whiteboy will do” clause

The Kingsland Police Department hired Presley in June of 2017. Thus he’d only been on the job for a year before murdering Mr. Green. A report by WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville showed that Kingsland seeks out violent criminals to fill their police ranks. Presley was charged with domestic violence prior to employment with the department. The rest of his personnel file revealed that it was simply a matter of time before this guy killed someone.

Presley used a Taser on a man who showed up to speak with Camden County school officials without an appointment. The police department suspended him for one day after chasing someone in his own car at over 100 mph. Presley was also accused of parking in front of a black man’s house to intimidate him. Of course the Kingsland Police said the allegations were “unfounded.”

The killer had at least three other incidents using a Taser that added a record to his file.

Presley acquitted by jury with no black people

The jury makeup frankly didn’t even matter. Voluntary manslaughter in Georgia has a sentencing range of one to 20 years. We all know how that would have played out. But Presley played the cop card to perfection on the stand. Presley said that Mr. Green was “on top of him” and tried to “grab his Taser.” He concluded, “…and then I was going for my gun, and he started taking off. And I fired.”

Presley tried to add more details to his account the next day. He now said Mr. Green turned around and “extended his arm” while running. He played the “I feared for my life” at this moment, saying he thought Mr. Green had a gun. Prosecutors urged the jury not to accept the new version of Presley’s account. But white jurors plus a cop defendant always equals injustice.

The killer cop was acquitted of both voluntary and involuntary manslaughter yesterday. He was found guilty of some silly white law called “violating his oath of office.” Presley is being held in the Camden County jail until his October 18 sentencing. He faces one to five years in prison. Everyone on the common sense side knows Presley will serve less than a year total behind bars.

Black people still singing “we shall overcome”

A white criminologist named Dr. Alex del Carmen spoke to NBC 5 in Dallas after the Amber Guyger verdict. He said juries are “more courageous” and are no longer giving cops the benefit of the doubt. This whitesplaining only serves as motivation for cops to continue killing, getting their paid vacations, and their accolades from their white fan club. The Guyger and Presley incidents show the worst-case scenarios for feral pigs in the unlikely event they are indicted. Further, these killers know another cop job is waiting for them after serving their wrist-slap sentences.

Mack De’Von Knight, the pastor at the church Mr. Green attended, said the obvious after the verdicts were read. “[Presley] admitted that he killed Tony Green in cold blood. To me, it’s hunting season for the young black man and we’re being gunned down in the streets and there’s no repercussions, there’s no consequences for these officers.” Thanks for telling us water is wet, Mack. You’ll continue collecting money from poor black people and telling them to pray to white Jesus.

War does not end via begging. No man has ever gained freedom by begging the oppressor. Arm yourselves now and train for sudden combat. That is the situation every time a feral pig enters our personal space. It’s life and death from there. You choose whether to die with dignity or die like a dog in a kennel. You’re going to die regardless. All you control is how you’re going to die.

Our thoughts are with the Green family.

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