San Bernardino (CA) Police Murder Anthony Paul Gilmore, Jr.

March 2, 2012

Americans’ unalienable right to bear arms was once again infringed upon by government agents looking for a paid vacation.

Mr. Anthony Paul Gilmore, 23, was a passenger in a car pulled over by San Bernardino Police for allegedly speeding around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday night. Police say they detained the female driver because of the traffic violations and also detained Mr. Gilmore, who was a passenger. It is unclear what crime police suspected Mr. Gilmore was committing, which is required for police to search and/or seize an American (since we will still assert our rights pursuant to the Fourth Amendment, despite NDAA and Patriot Act). Police say they asked Mr. Gilmore if he had a weapon. Though Mr. Gilmore simply should have remained silent, according to police, he “tried to run” but was grabbed by one of the other cops at the scene. Police say a “struggle” ensued and a gun fell from Mr. Gilmore’s person. One of the cops, using the proverbial “feared for their lives,” opened fire on the young man, killing him instantly. Of course, the cop who killed Mr. Gilmore was rewarded with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave.”

Mr. Gilmore’s life will not be taken in vain, as this is yet again another teaching moment for Americans. This U.S. government believes it can place arbitrary labels on people, such as “terrorist” and/or “felon,” and thus revoke an unalienable right to bear arms. This, of course, is an oxymoron. Most state-run media accounts of this murder contain a mugshot of Mr. Gilmore and references to him being arbitrarily labeled a “felon” by the State of California. Though state-run media do not need much help in activating the blood-thirst and warmongering it has conditioned into a vast majority of American psyches, this standard protocol is always followed when a gun is possessed by the murder victim. Mr. Gilmore should have remained silent when asked about his gun ownership. At that point, if he reasonably feared the police would kidnap, assault and/or kill him (similar to how police assess these situations), that is when the gun must be used to protect himself, which it does not appear the young man was prepared to do. Americans are up against a well-armed paramilitary force of human drones known as “police,” and the reality is you will either kill, or be killed/kidnapped by them if you are unfortunately put in this situation. Protect yourselves and be ready at all times.

We could not immediately confirm whether or not Mr. Gilmore had children. Our thoughts are with the Gilmore family.

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