Nicoma Park (OK) pedo-cop Michael Lindsey charged with raping several boys

January 8, 2019 (updated January 9, 2019)

Pedo-cop Michael Lindsey

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS — The fact this guy became a cop after committing these crimes in several states, further highlights the sick, demented nature of the copsucking community that facilitates these creatures’ acts.

Nicoma Park, Okla. cop Michael L. Lindsey was charged by St. Clair County, Illinois prosecutors on Monday with two counts of sexual assault of an 11-year-old boy. The crimes happened in 2010 and more charges are likely. A total of three boys told Fairview Heights, Illinois Police that Lindsey, 35, sexually assaulted them when he lived and worked in the town as an emergency medical technician.

Lindsey was a friend of the victims’ parents. He may have sexually abused them as far back as 2008 and after 2010 as well. The pedophile moved from the small southwestern Illinois town to Oklahoma after the rapes. Some of the crimes occurred in Oklahoma when Lindsey had one of the boys help him move.

Fairview Heights Police say they have also identified pre-teen boys in Tennessee and Oklahoma that have accused Lindsey of rape. Some of them are now adults. Lindsey was first arrested on December 6 by Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations agents at his home in Harrah, Okla. as a result of their investigation in conjunction with the Fairview Heights Police investigation.

Lindsey was initially booked into Oklahoma County Jail on $10,000 bond last month as police in the state executed search warrants of his residence. The bond was raised to $145,000 the next day due to the potential of more charges. The pedophile rapist cop is now being held on $500,000 bond as he awaits extradition to Illinois.

Lindsey told authorities that the boys are trying to “blackmail” him. But the pedo-cop also admitted in the arresting affidavit that he slept in the same bed with the boys and asked some of them for nude photos.

Lindsey was a reserve cop for the Forest Park, Okla. police department from 2014 to 2017. He became a reserve cop for Nicoma Park – about 15 miles east of downtown Oklahoma City – in 2017. He was promoted to full-time in November last year, just weeks before his arrest.

Authorities say there are likely more victims, and Lindsey could still face charges in Tennessee and Oklahoma. Anyone with information on other crimes involving Lindsey should contact Fairview Heights Police in Illinois.

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