Moore (OK) Police Thugs Beat Unarmed Luis Rodriguez To Death In Front Of Daughter

February 16, 2014 (updated February 25, 2014)

Mr. Luis Rodriguez, with wife Nair (L) and daughter Lunahi.

Mr. Luis Rodriguez, with wife Nair (L) and daughter Lunahi.

UPDATED February 25, 2014: Video Shows Last Moments Of Mr. Rodriguez’s Life.

The arrogance of the murderers is sickening. Mr. Rodriguez was killed on tape and these cops don’t even care that there is video evidence. Its time Americans…its time.

MOORE, OK — A family quarrel at a movie theater ended with the father and husband being murdered right in front of his daughter by government gangsters.

It was around midnight Friday night/Saturday morning when Mr. Luis Rodriguez took his family to see a movie at the Warren Theater on Telephone Road in Moore. Nair Rodriguez and teenage daughter Lunahi started arguing, which resulted in Mom exercising her parental rights, slapping her daughter. Nair, clearly distraught, ran out of the theater. Mr. Rodriguez chased after her, trying to calm her down and restore order to his family.

Three Moore police thugs and two game wardens, whose names are all being protected by their government, confronted Mr. Rodriguez as he was trying to stop his wife from driving away and potentially injuring herself. The husband, obviously worried about his wife’s well-being, tried to bypass the government henchmen when they asked for identification. The cops, according to Lunahi, handcuffed and then tackled her father.

They began smashing his face into the concrete while driving their knees and fists into his head. Mr. Rodriguez’s stopped breathing and could not be revived by paramedics after the gangsters completely disfigured his face. He died at the scene. Nair recorded the entire incident, but of course the cops stole her cell phone camera under the threat of being permanently injured herself. Three of the five cops were rewarded for the kill with paid vacations, aka “paid administrative leave.” The game wardens are expected to receive their rewards very soon.

Jeremy Lewis, the spokescop for the organization, told NewsOK that his organization took the cell phone “for evidence” but said they did not know of any video on it. In typical U.S. police state fashion, an autopsy is being done on Mr. Rodriguez to determine the cause of death (since him being beaten to death isn’t obvious). The kangaroo investigation by whatever Oklahoma cop organization should conclude in the next few weeks and rule Mr. Rodriguez being murdered “justified.”

Despite several recent and similar murders by cops, particularly that of David Sal Silva last year in Bakersfield, Calif., and Kelly Thomas on July 5, 2011 by Fullerton, Calif. cops, a majority of Americans still view police as heroes and servants who “protect and serve.” Kern County cops who murdered Mr. Sal Silva were let off without being charged at all (note: the cops in that murder also stole and destroyed video evidence). All the cops who murdered Mr. Thomas were either acquitted of murder or not charged at all.

Lunahi and Nair Rodriguez will be traumatized for life and nobody will be held accountable. The United States has by far surpassed Iraq, North Korea and all other countries that are stereotyped as Draconian and/or totalitarian in its disgusting, genocidal policies that allow government to murder citizens whenever it feels like it. But as long as Americans sheepishly view these government gangsters as heroes, the murders will continues.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Rodriguez and Lunahi.

2 comments for “Moore (OK) Police Thugs Beat Unarmed Luis Rodriguez To Death In Front Of Daughter

  1. Kim
    February 26, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Absolutely Angers and enrages me to see these “Power Trip-Excessive outrageous officers” who’s job paid by us tax payers including that of Luis Rodriquez the father and husband they (ALLEDGEDLY) killed with their excessive force and outrageous actions is not at all the Protect and Serve role they play, I am a mother of four and I agree with poor Nair, she was the one who lost her cool and they did not even address that yet state a combative case by the father for not giving his ID during what is nothing short of a family dispute, same as anyone of those Officer’s could have experienced with their teenage daughter and wife if they have family. I am so sick of the law officers in our system today, Over Powered with the badge and uniform, YOU ARE ALL PEOPLE LIKE US UNDER THOSE CLOTHES AND PIECES OF METAL THEY DO NOT GIVE YOU SPECIAL RIGHTS TO BREAK THE SAME LAWS YOUR SUPPOSED TO PROTECT AND SERVE AGAINST . It does not give the right to use excessive force on someone who is merely trying to understand why the officers are even there. I feel grief stricken for this family I don’t even know personally. these officers leave on a paid time away from the job clearly to go home to their families and grieve of the man they killed with the force of 5 men and pepper spray-they knew when they kept checking for him to breathe and saying “He’s Fine” They used excessive force and something was very wrong which is why none of the officers took the time to discuss anything with the Rodriquez family and of course immediately the officer who acknowledges the wife’s desperate pleas to know her Husband is ok, First states “Mam We need you to put the phone down/away”, and then turns to a way to distract her from recording the incident any further. Rest In Peace Luis, Another family grieves for the unnecessary loss of a loved one by our SO CALLED PROTECT AND SERVE “PEACE OFFICERS” Sad and unnecessary

  2. February 18, 2014 at 5:38 am

    This shows you how disposable fathers are in this country, We go overboard to protect mothers. So overboard that we take fathers out of the home by force and leave them dependent on city and state government resources.

    I’ve had ENOUGH!

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