Los Angeles Police Murder Julien Gonzalez For Biking While Brown

March 4, 2012

Mr. Julien Gonzalez*. Photo from Myspace.com

HARBOR CITY — Riding your bike and minding your own business is now legal justification for summary execution of Americans in the eyes of Los Angeles, California police.

The latest murder of an American under color of state law happened in the Harbor City area of Los Angeles around 10:30 p.m. Friday night. LAPD spokescop Gerry Davila says 24-year-old Mr. Julien Gonzalez was riding his bike near Lomita Boulevard and Normandie when police decided to do a “routine stop of a gang member.” This is the language police departments across the USA use for random harassment of residents who are not of European descent.

Police then say Mr. Gonzalez “pointed a gun” at the “officer” participating in the harassment. This, police say, prompted the cop to fire several bullets at the young man, killing him instantly. The killer’s name is being protected by the City of Los Angeles as of now, but he was in fact rewarded for the murder with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave.”

Watch a report from CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles.

If LAPD is being truthful about that happened (which must be taken with a grain of salt), American police have once again criminalized and murdered a resident for exercising his unalienable rights to bear arms and protect himself. If Mr. Gonzalez was not armed, a police department has once again placed an arbitrary label (“gang member”) on a young man, which they use to justify summary execution in the eyes of media and the blood-thirsty American public. It is unclear whether or not Mr. Gonzalez was wearing a t-shirt that said “gang member” on it, as again, this is the reason LAPD gave for harassing and murdering a man riding his bike. All Americans, especially Latinos (who are viewed as “aliens” by many European Americans) and “blacks” (who are viewed as “niggers”) must be pro-active when encountering government henchmen who are rewarded with paid vacations for killing and assaulting people.

We’ve been told Mr. Gonzalez’s family gathered around the murder scene from about 11 p.m. – 6 a.m. Saturday, as the young man’s bullet-riddled body laid on the ground untouched for hours. Mr. Henry Garcia Gonzalez said, via Facebook, “let me save everyone the suspense: the man was not armed, and [was] shot in the back.” Mr. Danny Leeder, a high school friend of Mr. Gonzalez, said via Facebook, “I really could not see him doing anything to get himself shot at.”

We will update this story if we learn more. Our thoughts are with the Gonzalez family.

8 comments for “Los Angeles Police Murder Julien Gonzalez For Biking While Brown

  1. Lily Vasquez
    December 11, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    It is absolutely awful: “gang-related crimes”? These police, who are supposed to help us, are gunning down people over the color of their skin, and then getting rewarded: appalling conduct.
    I am so sorry for the family of poor Julien.

  2. Letty Rosales
    March 15, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Finally an article that really states the truth. Julien Robert Gonzalez was like family to us he grew up with my son, it was very sad the way he was taken away from us. Julien Robert was always very polite and respectful to everyone. Every year for the past four years he would go camping with my husband and son, my husband always had good things to say about him. Julien Robert will always be in our hearts and will be missed forever. He was a very caring and protective person. He left us a lot of good memories.

    After this happened I worry more about my family and all friends because now we don’t only have to fear for our life’s from the people who are shooting innocent bystanders, but now from the COPS as well.

    I really don’t like to wish no one the BAD but with what happened with Julien I wish KARMA comes back at them even worst and to those who make stupid comments on daily breeze that didn’t even know Julien the same; there all cold hearted and racist.

  3. Candice Spindola
    March 15, 2012 at 1:21 am

    This is my Brother, my Daughters’ Uncle, my Mom and Dad’s Son and so much more! He was taken from us and without any remorse or without even a valid reason of any kind! My Brother was such a fun loving person and now my Family and his friends all feel a part of us died that unforgettable night when he was taken from us. This article is right my whole family Uncles and Aunts and Cousins and My poor Mom and many friends and our community stood out there in the freezing weather waiting to hear anything or to be able to confirm oif it was my Brother which they never did confirm and still made us go to downtown LA to confirm after waiting since 1040pm the nite before! What is even more sad, these so called Police Officers are still harassing many relatives and friends that go to my Brothers grave site to mourn, they make smart remarks an laugh in our face about what happen to my Poor Brother. Well LAPD next time you are trigger happy go to our neighbor hood where your kids are growing up and harass them and stop trying to hurt the ones that are trying because my Brother was about to Start a job and was going somewhere but thanks to you and your irresponsible and incapable of having any real emotions, you took a genuinely Great person from us all! I hope you never have someone special and such a caring person to all taken wrongfully from you and your loved ones because this pain is never ending and how do I explain to my daughters that the police killed their Uncle who they adored and who they use to play with and enjoyed watching movies with. I love you Julien and I know you were on your home because I just talked to you and you let me know you were on your way home, but I guess a person cant even ride a bike home from a friends house anymore and not because of being of a gang sneaking up on you or a person trying to jack you on the streets but because of people who are suppose to serve and protect us from killers and other bad people out there ….. So who is suppose to protect us from the LAPD and other officers who are out on our streets that are not honoring their oath and what they represent?! Justice will be served here but they emptiness in our hearts will always be there, I wish you were here Juls because I miss my friend.

    • Christina Granados
      March 15, 2012 at 10:30 pm

      Hi Candace…be strong… He will always be in your heart..and all of our hearts…
      Give your mom a hug from me n we send our love n prayers m will see u soon…Don’t worry Candace.. God will punish them one way or another…

  4. maria gomez
    March 14, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    julien was gunned down by police offficers who were in an unmarked car driving against oncomming traffic just for riding a bike without lights. He was simply trying to get home to his waiting family.There dramatic approach was unnecessary! the officers were from out of the area and thought everyone was a suspect and got trigger happy at the first chance they got.These weren’t cops they were cold hearted killers. they should change there motto on the police cars from”to protect and serve” and replaced with “shoot to kill”. Just because they are cops doing the killing they will not be prosecuted like a civilian, all they have to say to justify there actions is that they feared for their life. but what about JULIEN? HE FEARED FOR HIS LIFE ALSO WEREN’T HIS FEARFULL ACTIONS JUSTIFIABLE as the unmarked cop car drove the wrong way against traffic he got off his bike and walked away franticly.these killers they call cops need to be punished for shooting julien continuously which they didnt want to mention to reporters. after he was shot numerous times they still felt the need to handcuff his helpless body with over 10 shell casing laying near by.while the officer who shot are on administrative leave the family of julien is planning a funeral.

  5. Griselda Vasquez
    March 6, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Thank you, finally an article that doesn’t imply that my beloved nephew was all the negative I’ve been reading in other articles one even suggesting that he was “close to Wilmington” a rival gang where a “couple was recently gunned down”. This was my brothers son, my nephew, a grandson, an uncle and much more. His precious smiles and warm hugs will be missed, his poker bluffs with the family will be missed, his protective ways towards others as well everything about him. You are right he was just riding his bike, minding his own business, he didn’t stand a chance undercover detectives jumping the center divider and zooming in on him? Why that method? He got startled anyone else would. In the meantime we have a funeral to plan. I just wanted to share qualities about Julien to you and thank you for your article which doesn’t imply blame on Jules.

    Griselda Vasquez auntie of Julien

    • March 6, 2012 at 2:16 pm

      It’s so sad that we are losing more and more young lives like this, now we have to worry about cops shooting our young men only for the color of their skin. If this would’ve been the other way around I’ll guarantee you that this would’ve received much more media attention and the Anglo community would demand answers from L.A.P.D. spokes person’s. My heart goes out to this family, I hope they don’t stop till they get answers and the prosecution of these heartless so called officers, this is just another example of racial profiling and discrimination of our people.

    • Jennifer Cesena Boston
      March 7, 2012 at 2:58 pm

      Thank you for making him a person. He is my cousin and even though we lived few hours apart and We didn’t know each other as well as I wish we could of. I’m thankful for this article and your comment, to finaly hear about who he was and all we lost when he lost his life. To many ignorant comments, false statements and heartless cold remarks have been disturbing to read and see how cruel our world can be. I was upset that he wasnt being treated or seen as a human being, a son, a grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and a young man who deserved a future, a life.

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