Indiana House of Representatives Approves “Right To Resist” Bill

March 3, 2012 (links updated December 29, 2018)

UPDATE March 22, 2012 – Governor Mitch Daniels signs Senate Bill 1 “right to resist”statute into law.

True Americans don’t need artificial laws to affirm the right to defend ourselves, our families and our homes. But the Indiana House of Representatives sided with the people Thursday, and proved there are still some U.S. governments representing the people.

In a 74-24 vote, Indiana legislators voted to overturn the state’s Supreme Court decision in Barnes v. State last May. The Court ruled that citizens had no right to resist unlawful entry into their homes by police. The justices reasoned that citizens must submit to police manipulation and let the courts address any potential wrongdoing later.

Indiana legislators were bombarded by phone calls and emails from citizens who disapproved of the courts ruling. Many residents said the decision violated the “Castle Doctrine.” Craig Fry, D-South Bend, opposes the right to resist bill. He told the Evansville Courier and Press it will “cause people to die” and that “it’s too late after somebody dies for a jury to sort out.”

The bill now goes back to the state Senate. All final amendments will be made before going to the governor’s desk.

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