#ExistingWhileBlack: 10 Incidents of White Females Randomly Calling Cops on Black People in 2018

November 14, 2018

911 has officially become the personal customer service number for white females who need to feel power over black people. It seems that no day has gone by in 2018 that there isn’t a viral video of some white bitch calling cops (their gods) on black people for whatever random reasons their demented imaginations conjure.

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Many of them lose their jobs and are publicly and relentlessly humiliated. But that does not seem to deter the next one from getting her 15 minutes of infamy. White people have come up with cute little memes for all these terrorist acts, which could all easily result in the death of a black person. Of course black people have played along with these memes and that’s how some of these incidents are found online. Thus we only include these memes for SEO purposes.

Here are 10 of the most abhorrent #ExistingWhileBlack incidents in 2018.

10. #BBQBecky Jennifer Schulte

Dumb white bitch Jennifer Schulte

It was a lovely April 29 afternoon at Lake Merritt in Oakland. Some black folks were minding their own business, about to start up their barbecue. Jennifer Schulte, a white female with a Ph.D from Stanford and who worked at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) at the time, cashed one of her white damsel cards and called her gods (cops) because the black people were enjoying themselves too much.

The Lake Merritt area used to be majority black, but so-called gentrification (raising rents and moving in white homosexuals to push black people out) changed the demographics in the last decade. This likely had something to do with Schulte’s motivation. But she told cops to come because the black folks were “grilling in an undesignated area.” I’m sure everyone has seen the video by now, recorded by Ms. Michelle Dione. No need to re-hash it all.

An Oakland cop eventually showed up. Some credit must be given to him for basically being awestruck by the sheer stupidity of the situation. No arrests were made (though the white female 911 caller should have been arrested for wasting police resources). The black folks, including Mr. Kenzie Smith, tried to enjoy the rest of their afternoon. But the damage was done.

The 911 audio was released a few months later. It is definitely one of the most pathetic displays of white privilege in the history of the USA, and that’s saying something.

The 911 operator was so dumbfounded by the call, she asked Schulte “have you ever been to John George,” which is a mental health facility in Oakland. As of publishing, there is no update on Schulte. There was never any definitive action taken by ERM so she’s likely still employed there.

9. #PermitPatty Alison Ettel

Dumb white bitch Alison Ettel.

Let’s transition from an allegedly-educated white woman with a Ph.D to one with two master’s degrees on the other side of the Bay. It was a hot summer day in San Francisco on June 23 so an 8-year-old black girl decided to sell cold water to people passing by her home. The idea is of course reminiscent of the American tradition of children running lemonade stands.

Alison Ettel determined that the negro child should not be selling water…without a permit. She also said the child was “being loud.” Ettel called her gods (cops) to intervene. The video, posted by Erin Austin, the girl’s mother, went viral.

A few days later, the white monster was fired from her job (“resigned”) as CEO of Treatwell Health, which makes cannabis products for animals. There is a very strange interview with Ettel in Inc Magazine that puts on display her bizarre, unbalanced nature. She might literally be nuts.

Ettel put on her white damsel-in-distress, waterworks act when she went on Inside Edition a few days later crying about how her life is miserable because, well, she’s a white racist bitch.

As of publishing, there is no update on this one.

8. #CornerstoreCaroline Teresa Sue Klein

Dude-looking white bitch Teresa Sue Klein

Now we transition from the so-called educated white racists exercising their white privilege, to the clearly decrepit and desperate exercising their white privilege. This woman obviously has some kind of deranged sexual fantasies about black boys, or she simply needs to lay off the meth, liquor, and white privilege.

Teresa Sue Klein, 53, called police on a 9-year-old black boy, claiming she was “sexually assaulted by [the] child” at Sahara Deli in Brooklyn. The video, originally posted on October 10 by Jason Littlejohn, of course went viral.

The story was ridiculous on its face. But the store in which this obviously fabricated story took place has surveillance cameras. It clearly shows a boy’s backpack inadvertently rubbing against the old white female as he walked past her.

When Klein was confronted with the surveillance video by reporters, she issued a white-privileged apology. White media asked Jeremiah Harvey, the young soldier who was forced to endure this episode, if he accepted her apology. Young Mr. Harvey became a hero of true black America when he basically told her to shove her apology up her ass.


Of course the young soldier’s acquiescent, obsequious, white Jesus-worshiping mom, Someko Bellille, forced him to accept the apology on national television several days later.

We’re just going to assume that Klein, a self-described “feminist” and documented racist creature, is turning tricks from desperate dudes and conning people for money today.

7. #MissPiggy Hilary Brooke Mueller (Hilary Thornton)

Hilary Brooke Mueller

Ok I just made that hashtag up right now. But honestly, that is an insult to one of my favorite Muppets.

The video was taken on Friday, October 12. D’Arreion Toles is a young black man living in an upscale loft (whatever that means) in St. Louis. When he tried to enter the building he lived in, Hilary Thornton Mueller Piggy felt the need to be white. She interrogated the man for several minutes, and even followed him all the way up to his condo, demanding he, among other things, identify himself. The video went viral after Toles shared it on Facebook.

Cops showed up and knocked on Toles’ door. No charges were filed. The white creature was fired from its job as a property manager with Tribeca-STL a few days later. Piggy did a few white damsel-in-distress interviews thereafter, all of which were quite nauseating.

Truth be told about this incident: Piggy was obviously thirsty for some black dick. It was later revealed that she was still legally married to a black man at the time of the incident. They were apparently separated and/or not getting along.

This Toles character is also quite the piece of work himself. He got online preaching about “unity” and what not; quite similar to the mother of the aforementioned Mr. Harvey. White people and their black pets now love Toles. But he showed his true coon colors after the incident. Some even believe the two of them (Toles and Piggy) set the whole thing up for publicity.

This whole incident just epitomizes vile white privilege and black people yearning white acceptance all in one.

6. Yale 43-year-old career student Sarah Braasch

Sarah Braasch

This one allegedly has FOUR degrees, and is currently working on a Ph.D, so she’s allegedly “educated.” She’s also known for saying “I love hate speech.” If Sarah Braasch wasn’t hideously ugly inside and out, she’d kind of remind me of Lynn Searcy on “Girlfriends,” with her five degrees and no job.

Lynn had a beautiful soul though, and was charming, and was my favorite character and…back to the matter at hand.

Lolade Siyonbola is a beautiful, intelligent black woman and graduate student studying African Studies at Yale. She was obviously exhausted after long hours of studying, so she decided to take a quick nap in the common area of her dorm.

Disgusting white cunt Braasch, 43, did not like that a young black woman was a student at one of the country’s top universities; so it decided to call the feral pigs. Ms. Siyonbola did a livestream of the incident on Facebook.

There is good news all around here though. It appears Ms. Siyonbola has moved on from the incident and is doing quite well in her life. Shortly after the video went viral, thousands of people signed a petition demanding Braasch be removed from Yale. Braasch commenced her white damsel-in-distress tour on Twitter shortly thereafter.

Once she realized all the comments to this crap were negative, she temporarily deleted her Twitter account. Today its back up. This “woman” also appears to be auditioning for some Fox News airtime and soliciting sympathy from KKK-Trump-types, by using dog whistle terms like “the left” in current Twitter tirades.

It seems her white liberal feminist ilk have abandoned her, so she tweets day and night whining about everything. But it’s unclear what this racist thug is complaining about. It appears she is still affiliated with Yale. But her Twitter feed today (November 13) show that she’s still pissing and moaning to herself, and creating hashtags that only she uses.

Word of advice: you’re ugly enough on the inside. But white males don’t want to look at your outside. Thus, you’re not getting a Tomi Lahren-type role on Fox News. Give it up.

UPDATE May 2, 2019: Braasch now “understands” why right wing white supremacists voted for a right wing white supremacist (Trump) – because its reprehensible to this white cunt that she tried getting a black woman lynched, failed, and now her white damsel-in-distress act isn’t working; and Trump symbolizes murder/rape/torture with impunity of black people.

Too bad this one is too caught up in itself to understand that Trump is mostly Democrats’ fault for forcing Hillary Clinton onto the ballot, who many people outside of white liberal circles, despise. Braasch also started a GoFundMe in February for “legal fees” to get “revenge” on everyone who’s recognized she’s a revolting cunt. Its raised $690 as of today (in two months). White supremacists do not appear to be supporting their own here.

UPDATED January 3, 2020: Braasch suspended from Twitter

This is frickin hilarious. Braasch now has a blog. She recently published a post complaining to Twitter like a crackhead deprived of her fix. This bitch should now disappear into oblivion, doing us all a favor.

UPDATED February 24, 2020: Looks like Braasch got her Twitter back

And is, again, whining in perpetuity about the consequences of being a racist bitch. Meanwhile white supremacists have donates over $4,000 to her “legal defense fund” and are defending her, telling people to “learn the facts.” It’s bizarre, but frankly, kind of entertaining.

5. Starbucks 911 Holly Hylton

Holly Hylton

Two black men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Washington, entered Starbucks at the Philadelphia City Center on 18th and Spruce Streets at 4:35 p.m. on April 12. The two were meeting another party there to discuss a business deal.

They asked the manger, 31-year-old Holly Hylton, for the restroom key while they waited for the third party. Hylton refused and told the men to leave because they had not bought anything. She then, of course, called 911…at 4:37 p.m. The two men were arrested despite everyone in the store saying they had done nothing wrong.

The two men ended up spending eight hours in jail. The aftermath escalated quickly. Hylton “mutually parted ways” with the company within a week after the incident. There were several sit-in protests at the store by city leaders, clergy, and others. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson went on an apology tour and announced the now infamously-lame “day of sensitivity training” for all Starbucks employees. But I guess he tried, so he gets a C+ for effort.

It was also discovered that Hylton called 911 like a stalker while employed at Starbucks. Hylton started working at the store in early 2017. There were 69 calls made to 911 from the store from January 2016 to April 18, 2018, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Eleven of said calls were made in 2016. There were 41 calls made to 911 in 2017, coinciding with Hylton’s hire date as manager. There were 17 calls to 911 in the first four months of 2018. It was also learned that Hylton has a colorful racist past (pun intended).

Several white racist males and KKK websites have come to Hylton’s defense. But according to the racist’s LinkedIn page, she is an unemployed “operations manager seeking a new opportunity.” Starbucks and the City of Philadelphia quickly settled the matter before any lawsuits arose.

UPDATE January 10, 2019: Holly Hylton now works for Wright-Patt Credit Union

4. Pool Patty (real name unknown)

This is one of those situations that you simply must see it to believe it. Granted, as demonstrated in this article, many white females are evil attention whores emboldened by Donnie Trump. But this video, published on June 3 by Serenity Jackson, is by far the most surreal.

Some black folks were minding their own business at an Oklahoma City apartment complex pool. A random white woman began screaming, yelling, and saying she was “depressed.” She demanded the black people talk to her so she could feel better. Instead they laughed at her. The “insubordinate negroes” apparently crossed the white line, so Pool Patty (or #DepressedDebbie) called 911. You really have to see it to believe it.

The cop gets a B+ for his efforts. He is obviously human and not a feral pig, so you could even say the black folks won the sweepstakes with this particular cop showing up. He doesn’t get an ‘A’ because this white female is obviously intoxicated and/or mentally disturbed and needed to be arrested and locked up. But I guess we’ll take the crumbs when available.

3. Pool Patty II: Erica Walker

I was going to say what’s up with white people and swimming pools? But then I think back to honkey whiteboy almighty Strom Thurmond and his 1948 Presidential campaign speech. He drew applause from his white fans when he said he’d keep “the nigger race…out of our swimming pools” if elected.

We’ll not mention that Thurmond had a black daughter.

Anyway, Kam Porter, her boyfriend Kevin Yates, and two children were enjoying their July 4th holiday at their Riverset Apartments pool. Yates had socks on, so the property manager, Erica Walker, told him to take the socks off. She said it was not “proper pool attire.” Walker said hats were also not proper pool attire. But two white men who were with her both had hats on, as did other white men.

Kam and her boyfriend apparently were not obedient and acquiescent enough, so Walker called the police. She posted the video on Facebook.

The cop appears to be black (can’t clearly tell), and turned out to be a decent human being. Walker was fired from her job as property manager at Trilogy Residential Management a few days later. She has a fairly common name, so its difficult tracking her activities today. But we’ll update as we learn more.

2. #GasStationGail: Brenda Metz

Brenda Metz

A group of young black folks were participating in an anti-violence peaceful march through North Charleston on October 14. They stopped at a Murphy Express convenience store at 8599 Rivers Avenue. The activists, all wearing shirts reading “Guns Down Chuck Town,” hung around on the public sidewalk while some of the others went inside for drinks.

Brenda Metz, the store manager, apparently did not like seeing organized, peaceful black folks so she called 911. She told dispatchers “it’s like a riot out here” and “he’s recording us and everything.” The inbred white bitch rambled on about white privilege BS throughout the call. Here is the video, posted by Jonathan Thrower.

The Vice President of Murphy USA, a Fortune 500 company, went to Charleston several days later and met with Thrower. It appears the corporate cronies gave Thrower a bunch of empty rhetoric, considering Metz is still employed at the gas station.

1. #ExistingWhileBlack: Whiteboys need love too

I’ve tried following all these incidents, but they happen everyday and can’t all be fit into one article (note: this article is 2,700 words). We’ll finish the article up with three more quick summaries, some of which are white males calling their gods (cops) on black people for white privilege reasons.

Adam Bloom, aka #IDAdam, is the bitch whiteboy who called cops on Jazmine Abhulimen, on July 4 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for using her own pool. The whiteboy was fired (“resigned”) from his job at the Glenridge Homeowners Association a short time later.

You can look up his phony “apology” yourself if you like bad acting.

Aaron Schlossberg is the racist whiteboy lawyer who completely chimped out when some patrons at the Fresh Kitchen in Manhattan were speaking a language other than English on May 15.

Hard to imagine this white piece of shit ever working in New York again, unless he’s representing someone from the various white supremacist groups that are now prominent in the USA. His fake apology was even funnier than Bloom’s.

Anita Moss isn’t a whiteboy, I don’t think (never know these days). It’s just another old white cunt who is the latest one to call cops on someone for #ExistingWhileBlack. Moss is a professor at the University of Texas San Antonio.

The hag called cops on a black student for…wait for it…putting her feet up in a chair and relaxing during a lecture. The cops ended up escorting the young woman out of the classroom.


This story will still developing because it just happened as we’re about to publish. But look who the thug racist Moss is getting support from. Nasty racist white bitches definitely stick together.

This list is obviously far from complete. Please feel free to add more in the comments.

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