Dominic Aguilar Forced To Trial For “Threatening” Manteca Killer Cop John Moody

May 11, 2013

Killer John Moody (L) savagely murdered Mr. Ernest Duenez.

A Manteca, California cop brutally murdered a man two years ago, and now a man who voiced opposition to these U.S. government summary executions must go to court.


It was June 8, 2011 when Mr. Ernest Duenez, Jr. pulled into his driveway just before 7pm. The father of a baby boy was being stalked and followed by an armed, predatory municipal employee (“police”) named John Moody, who was obviously thirsty for blood and a paid vacation. He ultimately received both after Mr. Duenez, who was 35 at the time, exited his vehicle only to be shot 11 times by Moody right in front of his wife. The cop yelled the proverbial “drop the knife” (Duenez was unarmed) and Manteca Police subsequently issued myriad “statements” in the following months about the murder. State-run media also followed protocol, publishing several stories referring to Mr. Duenez as “parolee” and “felon.” The murder, of course, was “ruled justified” by local government. The dash cam video was obtained by the family months later, and shows 10 seconds of radical terrorism right here on American soil.

WARNING: The following video will likely give the cop-sucking community sexual pleasure (see the comments on Youtube). But for human beings, the following video is very disturbing.

The family of Mr. Duenez has since organized several protests and started a Facebook page which now has over 6,000 followers. In one of the most bizarre developments this website has ever covered in a story about murder under color of state law, the killer Moody and his cohort, Ar­men Avakian, were granted restraining order against family members of Mr. Duenez. The municipal employees claimed the family was “violating their personal space” by shouting outside the police department, according to The Record, a local state-run media outlet.

Aguilar Must Face Trial

Mr. Dominic Aguilar

Moody claimed he was “scared” when Mr. Dominic Aguilar, of Roseville, exercised his First Amendment rights on the Facebook page, saying he would defend himself by any means necessary against the murderous municipal employee if they ever crossed paths. Though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the 1969 case of Brandenburg vs. Ohio that “the government cannot constitutionally punish abstract advocacy of force or law violation,” Mr. Aguilar was charged anyway with “making terrorist threats” last year by the San Joaquin County prosecutor’s office. He was initially held hostage by the state, which demanded a $150,000 ransom (known as “bond” or “bail”). The ransom was ultimately rescinded by the government. The aforementioned Brandenburg case overturned the conviction of a man who was a member of the U.S. terrorist group known as “Ku Klux Klan,” who publicly declared he would “take vengeance against niggers.”

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Mr. Aguilar’s attorney Tai Bogan correctly argued in court this past Wednesday that his client’s speech is protected and that one of the “offending” posts was a lyric by the late rapper Cougnut. The Facebook posts were also not sent directly to the murderer, thus can only be construed as First Amendment-protected speech. Avakin and a few other cops took the stand and said Moody “almost cried” when he read the Facebook posts. The guy wearing the judge costume, Ronald Northup, “ruled” that the prosecutor presented enough evidence to proceed to trial on May 22. Northup said a “reasonable” cop could be fearful because of the “threats.”

This case proves several things that are already self-evident and common in the United States until Americans commence Revolutionary War II.

1) “The state” will protect their armed municipal employees whose primary jobs are to slaughter and incarcerate Americans; 2) there are no such things as “Constitutional rights” in this country–if there were, Mr. Aguilar would not be enduring this charade; 3) Even if these mythical “rights” did exist, they only protect Euro-Americans who possess an abundance of Federal Reserve notes or those who slaughter/terrorize non-Europeans (see Brandenburg above); 4) Murderers who work for “the state” will be inexplicably praised and honored by the poor and middle-class Euro-American public, while the same people hate murderers who don’t wear cop costumes (Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson et al.); 5) Mr. Aguilar has to interrupt his life to endure one of these plays directed by government that could ultimately land him in a U.S. concentration camp for years.

We will keep the Duenez family in our thoughts; and will keep you updated on Mr. Aguilar.

15 comments for “Dominic Aguilar Forced To Trial For “Threatening” Manteca Killer Cop John Moody

  1. SLED
    September 29, 2014 at 8:12 am

    This incident with officer Moody is nothing less than murder. The LA prosecutor is a weak man. Officer Moody looked like a scared woman. He was hysterical. Fire him. He would be fired if he was in my state. LA DA sides with the red-neck psychopathic murderer. Shocking and very scary because this could happen to anyone. How many have to die before someone does something? I hate violence but with police officers such as Moody, what is the alternative?

  2. August 14, 2014 at 2:17 am

    Prayers to Dominic & Ernie’s entire family. I CAN’T BELIEVE Moody got away with this!

  3. Shamus O'Malley
    February 16, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    I feel obligated to post the following statement because, it seems, freedom of speech is disappearing in America. We were one of the final places that allowed the people to voice their opinion, but that freedom is slowly being eradicated. I support first amendment rights for everyone. I understand that comments can be misunderstood and taken out of context, so I want to clarify my statements for everyone to read. Sarcasm, mocking, and tonal inflection are lost in written commentary. I post this explanation out of necessity. Comprehension is different for everyone. I’ve read the news. I’ve read history. I know of what happens to people that voice an opinion contrary to the status quo. Authoritarians throughout history utilize heavy handed tactics to prevent truth and shut mouths. Today is no different. Criticism is often called “radical” by those who disagree. Free speech is necessary for a free republic. Mainstream media generally favors government while simultaneously demonizing citizens. These are the rules they use for us peasants. We have no choice but to abide. I simply want to make clear the meaning and intent of my posts.

    I do not condone or advocate violence in any form, by any person, at any time. I do not support, nor encourage any revolution against the Federal, State, or Local government. I do not believe violence solves problems. I do not believe every Judge, prosecutor, police officer, or jailer is corrupt. I do not believe in street justice, vigilantism, or rogue vengeance. I abhor gang & mafia violence. I do not own a weapon. I do not hunt. I do not engage in activities that are knowingly unlawful. I support reasonable rules, laws, ordinances, and codes of conduct. I believe that a civil society, under its own discretion, can and will do what is right for the people of that society.
    I believe in peace & respect for all individuals. I believe debate, vote, protest, organized caucus, are the way to make change and although I don’t own or use a gun – I wholeheartedly 100% support the second amendment. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I’m sorry if anything I wrote offended anyone. If you don’t like it, use your freedom of speech to reply.

    That said…
    I believe corruption exists within government. I openly advocate investigation, apprehension, and habeas corpus to determine those allegations. I believe murderers and treasonous officials that misuse their authority should be held accountable. Terms used such as “execution” mean that if a person is charged, has a fair trial, judged accordingly, found guilty and sentenced to death – they should be “executed” to the full extent of the law. If I say someone should be “executed” this means: I think they are guilty, the evidence supports it & they should be charged with the crime & face due process like everyone else; where I believe in a just system they would be found guilty & sentenced to death. I simply expedited the entire process & got to the final outcome in one sentence. It does not mean a vigilante should take justice into their own hands, nor does it mean rogue violence should ensue. It does not mean anyone should attack the individual. It is not a threat, but merely an opinion of what justice I believe should have happened. I encourage counter debate & opposing arguments. In a free society, it’s expected.

    When I use terms like “BIG FAT RED BULLSEYE” and “targets” I’m citing various posts & videos I’ve seen on the internet. I’m paraphrasing what people like Alex Jones and Gerald Celente say. I examine the actions of people like Chris Dorner & Joe Stack and how they behave. Those are examples and 1/10,000th of what is being blogged about & video recorded on the WWW. As a further addendum, there are vast amounts of videos and blogs regarding injustices that use the same language to describe the perpetrators of those acts. I’m relaying my observation that people are tired, people are speaking of revolt, people want justice and corrupt officials are being remembered for their crimes. A popular form of handling traitors in the past was hanging them from trees in town square. I’m repeating the sentiments from others who’ve expressed an opinion that this is what should happen. To parrot above, this does not mean I condone nor encourage any violence against public officials. I believe in due process and when I write in generalities – my intent is to convey the message that is buzzing around the web. People don’t forget who hurt them most. In many people lives, the most painful experience they’ve ever endured didn’t come from criminals, it came from the police. The police became the killers, robbers, rapists, and felons that changed their lives forever. Many of these families were supporters of Law Enforcement before they became victims of them. They will never forget. That is why I write “BIG FAT RED BULLSEYE”. People will never forget.

    How many times have we read that a prosecutor had evidence to exonerate a suspect, but concealed that evidence to convict and send an innocent man to prison for life? What happens in prison? What happens to the family? A brutal situation that destroys everything & everyone involved, all the while the prosecutor knows what he did, its malice. Prosecutors get paid well and live a privileged existence. When they get caught, what happens? They walk free & still collect a pension. How many others were wrongly imprisoned while he went boating or took vacations – how many suffered? Furthermore, what real killer went free to kill again, because he knowingly convicted the wrong man? There are many instances of this. It’s a sick & twisted injustice with no recourse for regular citizens. People don’t forget and those are the sentiments I channeled into my post. Again, that is why I write “BIG FAT RED BULLSEYE”. Years may pass, but the injustice that destroyed their lives is burned into their memory deeper than a cattle brand.

    I’ve been surfing the internet since 1994. Back then I used a 33.6 modem. When 56K came out I thought technology was awesome. Not so much today, it’s used for bad purposes. In all that time, I’ve NEVER had to post a message like this. But we live in cruddy times with injustice running rampant. I clarified my rant, because when it comes to the justice system elite, they’ll beat you to death & claim it was justified, but if you say their shoe is untied – they fear for their lives. I’m just a keyboard warrior who supports Liberty & Justice for all.

  4. Shamus O'Malley
    February 14, 2014 at 7:19 am

    This case really fires me up – even though its a couple years old now & I dont know where this place is. Its so damn unfair. Not just a little bit unfair – but really lopsided unfair. – with video to boot.
    My previous comments are a little harsh – but I get so upset over this.

    Not all LEO’s are bad – I’ve met some good ones. But this case clearly shows there is corruption in the system from the top down & the media doesnt help. Perhaps Officer Moody lost his cool & was afraid. He is supposed ot be a trained for these types of situations. He should be held accountable for this. If he were a private citizen, he would face the death penalty, capital punshiment & execution. Clearly that wont happen and it further proves the point of corruption. No charges? The man was unarmed, he didnt have a chance to respond.

    I’m personally against violence – I believe the pen is mightier than the sword. But when something like this happens it shakes my moral fiber. It’s sad. I cry for the wifes pain as she watches him die.

    When I watch youtube video’s & read web blogs – people are fed up with this crap.
    Something is brewing & it scares the living daylights out of me.
    Police abuse, TSA, Revolution, Civil war, WW3 – what the heck is going on!
    Maybe its all hype. But, its time for me to find a hole in the ground & crawl in it.

    God bless the family of Ernest Duenez & Dominic Aguilar.

  5. Shamus O'Malley
    February 14, 2014 at 6:14 am

    This author really nails it with his analogies of “kidnapping, ransom, and concetration camps” for our justice system. He is wise. He has a brother here in Chicago that feels identical. Thank God were not alone.
    The police are NOT here to protect & serve. Their job is to extract revenue from the working class & control the lower class. Control = Kill. This officer is obviously a murderer – any rational person can see. Irrational people, or people with an agenda cannot see it though. Judges, Prosecutors, Elitist politicians, other cops, or the brainwashed family of those mobsters – seem to think what Moody did was perfectly fine. That is, of course unless it happened to them. Can you imagine the headlines if Moody was shot & killed in his front yard, then his wife was denied kneeling at his side for his final breath. National news would errupt, words like barbaric, terrorist, cold blooded, & animals would be thrown around like confetti.
    While these sissy cowards swagger around giving soccor moms no blinker tickets, they go home & brag to their pissant families how brave they are & what heroes they’ve become. The media does it’s part to reinforce the delusion. TV shows are practically a 30 minute commercial for cops, lawyers, and judges. When in reality they are the lowest form of parasite in society. They are predators. The bad guys wear costumes & suits.
    In the event one of these “protected class” cowards encounters a real man that questions their authority, they piss themselves with trigger happy justification. The assembly line of justice does its part from packaging to delivery. Judges, prosecutors, cops, jailers, are all in it together. One cannot exist without the other.
    Like a Godfather that demands payments from local stores and uses henchmen to collect. Our government has taken the mobster business model & applied to us. Officer John Moody should be executed, but moreover, the prosecutor that saw nothing wrong, the judge that failed to act, the politcian that refused to get involved, the other cops that kept silent – all need to be held accountable. This is only one case & there are thousands. The system isnt broke, its working exactly like they want. Opression, tyranny, fear, death: is what they want.

    American Revolution II is coming. They know it too. Thats why they work so hard to take our guns. They are outnumbered, they know it – they must disarm us. they buy millions of rounds of ammo. They train for “domestic threats”. This “us against them” mentality that they’ve used for years is finally entering our hearts & turn against them. We feel it. We see it. We are preparing for it.

    Trust these words…every prosecutor, judge, cop, politician, and government tool that processes the paperwork, has a BIG FAT RED BULLSEYE on their backs. The same with the media that’s lied to us. They are marked targets. They screwed the wrong person at some point – a person that wont forget what they did to them & their families. There are 100,000’s of victims with scores to settle. The people will only tolerate so much abuse and the threshhold is being crossed. They should back off – but they cant. They seethe with lust & greed at hurting us. Their need to overpower others is worse than heroin or cigarettes. They are addicted to wrecking lives of people – they are bound.

    Brown people, you are not alone anymore – these criminals attack whites also. They target them with DUI & drug arrests that destory their lives. Their abuses turn into murder for us too. The mobsters are colorblind today. We’re all just dollar signs & corpses to them. We see what you’ve endured, we are experiencing it now. We’ll never truly know, but we are getting a sour taste today. Dont fall for the “divide & conquer” schtick the media delivers. The media works for the power elite. The whole of us are tired. The whole of us need to stand. When the sleeping tiger awakens – Real justice will be served. Thousands of these criminals hanging from trees throughout the country will be catalogued for history books, and there will be no weeping, only joy. Good beats evil. The age of enlightenment is upon us.

  6. Anissa Tafoya
    February 5, 2014 at 9:23 am

    That video haunts me every time I watch it. I cant believe a cop in my town would do something like this. Moody is a murderer!! My heart breaks for the Duenez family and for Aguiler as well. I dont feel safe in my own town with murderers like Moody walking around. You’re supposed to be able to count on the police when you need help but this just shows that the government is beyond corrupt.. prayers to both families. God will provide the ultimate justice.

  7. Concerned Citizen
    December 13, 2013 at 12:09 am

    This Moody guy should be on death row for murder. This is straight up murder. The guy never had a chance to get out the car to even show his hands before the cop started shooting and kept shooting. This is some bull. I’m gonna call and ask the PD there what is up? Everyone should post craigslist ads with the information and phone numbers to call and continue to pressure the city to distance themselves from this murderer so that justice can be served. Once it’s obvious he is going down, those politicians and police chiefs will throw him under the bus. This guy needs to go to jail.

  8. John
    October 24, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    I live in manteca and I know from personal experience some of the officers are good but moody is worse than a murderer he is a killer cop.A piece of shit still in uniform stinking up our city.Ernie was unarmed and shot not once but 10 times in a row and after a brief pause one more time in the back.If these are the actions of a good cop I would hate to see a bad coup.There’s something els bothering me if mooy is still an active police officer which he is who is next .It is clear in the video moody was terrified befor he fired .So who is gonna die next?

    • Doc Savage
      February 19, 2014 at 1:00 pm

      Exactly John – However if cops are allowed to judge us by the company we keep, then turn around is fair play. As long as the good cops let the bad cops get away with this shit, then they are endangering themselves.


  9. Pam
    September 27, 2013 at 12:52 am

    Officer John Moody is nothing but a puppet. A small nan, in a small town contracted to “eliminate the threat”. In essence, a contract killer with a benifits package. I hope he gets evertthing he deserves. And when he is on trial, let’s just see hiw many officials are standing strong behind him.

  10. William Mark Clarke
    September 26, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    The following is very interesting. A few questions. All from the dash cam.

  11. laura Dominguez
    September 26, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Justice for ERNEST
    Justice for Dominic

  12. May 31, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Thank you so much for this article! You have hit the nail on the head. My brother Dominic is not the criminal here. Officer Moody is a killer and justice will be served! Manteca PD has nothing better to do than stalk the “Justice For Ernest Duenez Jr” Facebook page. They know he’s going down and are trying to take more innocent people down with him. The Duenez family has been through hell and back because of this man. They are a strong loving family that continue to fight for justice. So, for everyone reading this article please share it and let the truth be seen!
    Thank you
    Monique Aguilar

    • Gui johnston
      September 22, 2013 at 10:49 pm

      I seen this video and it angers me greatly, If a cop is that scared of a man that far away, he should not be a cop. And the way he treated the woman mourning over her husband is just ridiculous. They act way over the top , pointing their weapon at the girls head. And the way they treat the body is sad. Like he gonna pop up and attack.

  13. Rachael Oretta
    May 31, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Thank you lord for someone finally noticing how terribly wrong this is!!!! Dominic is my cuzn but more like a brother. His life has been turned upside down because of this. This whole case is a joke. I’m sorry but Moody is as crooked as they come and his dash can proves that. After what he did do the Duenez family now he is scared. Give me a break. Moody is evil!!! Everyone who stands next to him is crooked and just as bad if not worse. How are we supposed to tell out children the future of this world if this is what they are seeing cops do this to family. Cops are supposed to protect and serve. Not stalk and murder!!!! Moody makes me suck he’s a terrible excuse for a man let alone a cop. He’s a coward. I don’t think I have ever in my life do something with so much hate but in such a cowardly way. I hope this haunts him for the rest of his life
    As far as Dominic I don’t know why they are messing with him except its someone else Moody can fuck with. You coward!!! Try doing your job!!!! Dominic has been a family man he has responsibilities and every two weeks he has to stop his life to entertain Moody and his Lil friends
    Much luv n respect
    To the Duenez family and
    To Dominic!!!
    Rachael Oretta

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