Billings (MT) Police Summarily Execute Jason Shaw

February 12, 2013

Mr. Jason Shaw. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

President Barack Obama spoke extensively about gun violence and murder thereof during his State of the Union Address, but did not mention anything about police arbitrarily executing Americans simply because they feel like it.

It was 1:25 a.m. Monday morning when Billings cop Grant Morrison and one of his cohorts were looking for someone who “ran from police,” according to municipal employees in charge of the department. Mr. Jason Shaw, 32, was by all accounts minding his own business with friends, about to embark on a late-night trip to a local casino.

Municipal employee Morrison approach a car which Mr. Shaw, a male friend, and two female companions were sitting in near a home at 23 Custer Avenue. The home belongs to Mr. Harry Calvin, the father of two of the individuals Mr. Shaw was with. Mr. Shaw got out of the car and “was not compliant” with the cop, according to his boss, Captain R.D. Harper.

Municipal employee Morrison proceeded to electrocute Mr. Shaw with his 50,000 volt torture toy. Billings employees then say the electrocution was ineffective, so Morrison proceeded to pull a firearm and shoot Mr. Shaw, killing him instantly. Employee Morrison said Mr. Shaw pulled a BB gun on him, which he said looked real and thus “feared for [his] life.” The cop was rewarded for the murder with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave.”

State-run media quickly seized upon an opportunity to dig up a “criminal record” of Mr. Shaw, which in their eyes, along with their fans and followers, justifies the murder. Mr. Calvin, according to, said the cop who killed Mr. Shaw should be charged with murder. “What is wrong with this picture? The Billings Police sure have been killing a lot of people lately. What’s going on here?” he said. Mr. Shaw is the third murder victim at the hands of Billings Police in the past 11 months, and the second of 2013.

Mr. Shaw went to Santa Fe Community College, was a staunch advocate of medicinal cannabis, and enjoyed reading Elmore Leonard books. His son, whom he referred to as his “beautiful baby blue eyed boy,” will now grow up without a father.

Our thoughts are with the Shaw family.

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  1. November 3, 2015 at 10:27 am


    Syndicated by:
    Montana News
    Donald Cyphers
    Investigative reporter

    Billings Montana., November 2, 2015–//mna press//– In a Billings Gazette article dated Jan 18, 2015 and written by Zach Benoit, “Before and since, the Morrison family — Grant, Tina and their young son — has received threats that make them fear for their safety.”

    Grant Morrison in that same article is quoted as saying, “It’s magnified what post-traumatic stress is and what a monster it can be and how it lingers so long and hits you when you least expect it,” he said.

    What webs weaved in the hopes of taking ones side.

    The Montana News has yet another information bomb to drop against Billings’ bad Police Officer, Grant Morrison. In a Media request that was submitted to the City of Billings, regarding Grant Morrison, more bad information comes to the surface regarding Bad Cop, Grant Morrison. It is as follows:

    Now the public has been made already aware of Grant Morrison’s City of Laurel Citations regarding animals and “pot bellied pig” violation not to mention his driving around without insurance conviction.

    But what Grant Morrison has been able thus far to keep from public knowledge, is that he is abusing his authority as a cop and violating federal laws regarding CJIN/NCIC rules.

    In fact he has been targeting individuals and using his position as a cop to obtain that information but the information Grant Morrison is getting, Grant Morrison has been using for his own private use against innocent individuals who he is targeting. Some of that information he was going to share with his wife Tina, whether legally obtained or not. Was his wife Tina, aware that her husband Officer Grant Morrison was breaking the law?

    But first:
    Officer Grant Morrison Badge number #0374 has a history of engaging in pursuing or giving chase without activating his siren during pursuits. For example: when Grant Morrison went after a vehicle on 07/12/11.

    In this incident Officer Grant Morrison, failed to activate his siren during the pursuit. This happened at the location of 15th St West and Central Ave. When Grant Morrison was spoken to by his Sgt on shift supervisor, Grant Morrison failed to provide the Sgt. Shift Supervisor with a “legitimate reason” for Morrison’s inability to complete a simple task, which is to activate his siren during a pursuit.
    Grant Morrison was given a verbal/oral warning to use his overhead lights and siren in future vehicle pursuits. For this he was issued an Oral Warning. Grant Morrison received his verbal warning and with his illegible signature, signed the Corrective Action Form on July 18, 2011.

    The serious incidents: Recently on September 3, 2015 another Billings Police Sgt. Shift Supervisor was alerted by two witnesses Tressa Huet and Bob Ellison they attest that Officer Grant Morrison was attempting to obtain illegally by using his position as a City of Billings Police Officer, while OFF DUTY, to obtain federal CJIN/NCIC information for his personal use against various individuals.

    Grant Morrison had intended to use this information to provide that information to his wife Tina. According to Grant Morrison, he indicated that his wife Tina had called him about some vehicle that had driven by their home at 210 2nd Ave in Laurel Montana.

    Chicago commercial photographers

    Morrison was going to get the name of the person who owned the vehicle or registered owner.

    Grant Morrison’s intent was to pull from that illegally obtained information, a photo of the person’s drivers license, and then share that information with his wife Tina and possibly others, who are NOT Law Enforcement Officers anywhere in the state of Montana.
    Grant Morrison admits that he was going to show the picture of the person’s driver’s license photo to his wife.
    Billings’ bad Police Officer Grant Morrison was told by his superiors’ that by him doing that was against the law and that he could not obtain CJIN/NCIC information for his personal use regardless what his excuses were for doing so or attempting to carry this action out.

    The complaint was forwarded to I.A. and a letter of Reprimand was issued to Officer Grant Morrison. This time a Supervisor, Captain and a responsible Deputy Chief signed off on the Complaint on 3 separate dates due to their different shifts. Sept 24,28,and the 29th of 2015.

    Did Bad cop, Officer Grant Morrison learn from this, HELL NO, HE DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!
    This time he targeted the Ramirez family. This is the same family that is related to Richard Ramirez. Now Grant Morrison is targeting other Ramirez family members in his crazed deranged, (every body’s out to get me syndrome) desire to push his bad cop badge around.

    Was his intent to find information out about this innocent individual so that he could shoot this individual also? Would he then cry for the camera and make it appear like it was a simple traffic stop gone bad just like he did when he stopped the vehicle that Richard Ramirez was riding in and then shot an unarmed man. (Mind you, this is Officer Grant Morrison’s second unarmed man he has shot in the City of Billings. The first was James Shaw.)

    Grant Morrison has now targeted Linda Ramirez. On September 3, 2015 at 1600 hrs Grant Morrison called the Billings Police Department asking for Linda Ramirez’s drivers’ license information. Grant Morrison was off duty and his intent was to use this for personal reasons.

    Grant Morrison requested that the private information about Linda Ramirez’s drivers’ license information be sent to him via his private email at home. Morrison wanted the photograph sent to him.

    No one knows the true intent that Grant Morrison was going to use Linda Ramirez’s information and photo for but the public can only imagine, apparently killing Linda Ramirez’s relative Richard Ramirez, was not enough for him. He now has the taste of blood, as the saying goes.

    Bad cop Officer Grant Morrison asked a good cop, Billings Police Officer Ellison, who was on light duty and assigned to the front desk that week in the Police Department. Officer Ellison relayed the request to Billings Police Secretary Tressa Huet. Tressa Huet did comply with that request and obtained the information that Grant Morrison requested.

    Then later in the day, Grant Morrison called from his home when he was off duty and requested to have a license plate registration checked out. The plate number # 3C-8012C was given to good cop, Billings Police Officer Ellison.
    Officer Ellison ran the plate and found that the vehicle was a green colored vehicle. Bad cop Grant Morrison then asked good cop, Officer Ellison it the vehicle was a green van.
    Good cop Officer Ellison told bad cop, Grant Morrison that is did not appear so. Officer Ellison did tell bad cop, Grant Morrison that the vehicle was registered to a female by the name of NILSEN.

    City of Billings’ bad cop, Officer Grant Morrison then told Officer Ellison that this vehicle had driven by his house and was in the area of his home. Grant Morrison then requested good cop Officer Ellison, to send NILSEN’s private information and photo to him at his home using his private email address.

    Grant Morrison was directly targeting this innocent harmless female, NILSEN while off duty. Was Grant Morrison going to shoot her also in a simple traffic stop and then make it appear as if it was a traffic stop gone bad like he did Richard Ramirez?

    Immediately, Good Cop Billings Police Officer Ellison contacted Heut who intern advised Sgt Lawrence of what Grant Morrison just did. All three agreed that what Grant Morrison was doing and by just the simple requests for CJIN/NCIC information for Grant Morrison’s personal reasons were in gross violation of CJIN/NCIC rules.
    Here again, Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison is a rogue cop, that needs to be taken off of duty before he targets someone else or shoots another Billings resident or a resident in Laurel for that matter. Grant Morrison is a danger to the public safety. He violates federal and state laws to further his agenda in targeting innocent people. Grant Morrison is clearly a threat to the very people in the public that he swore to protect and serve. Instead he has become PUBLIC ENEMY #1. Who deliberately targets other innocent Ramirez family members and other innocent individuals’ in the public for his personal use. Is he planning on shooting these people also?

    Further information on Grant J. Morrison. The Gas card number that he is using to fill up his police car is: #8110
    Grant J. Morrison’s pay grade is as follows: P86 03/3/09 upon being hired he was paid $19.54 per hour
    In 07/01/2009 Grant J. Morrison received a cost of living which brought his pay to $20.13 per hour.
    On 03/30/2010 Grant J. Morrison received a cost of living increase which brought his pay to $20.51 per hour.
    On 07/01/2010 Grant J. Morrison received a cost of living increase which brought his pay to $21.10 per hour.

    On 03/30/2011 Grant J. Morrison received a step increase which brought his pay to $21.54 per hour.

    On 07/01/2012 Grant J. Morrison received a cost of living increase which brought his pay to $22.08 per hour.

    On 03/30/ 2013 Grant J. Morrison received a step increase which brought his pay to $23.40 per hour.
    On03/30/2014, Grant J. Morrison received a step increase which brought his pay to $25.54 per hour. Currently Grant Morrison’s annual pay now is $53,123.20

    Now why would the public continue to pay a lot of money for the actions of a rogue, bad cop?? The Billings Police Department answers to the public.

    The City of Billings answers to the public.

    Why would the public vote on public safety mill levy’s like Billings Police Rich St. John wants when the public’s money is being used to pay for a BAD COP, Grant J. Morrison? To say the least, Grant Morrison has grossly violated the City of Billings Human Resource Policy, Code of Ethics “ The people have a right to expect that every public employee will conduct himself in a manner that will tend to preserve public confidence in and respect for the government he or she represents.” Grant Morrison has FAILED.
    Furthermore: Grant J. Morrison using CJIN/NCIC information for Grant Morrison’s personal reasons were in gross violation of CJIN/NCIC rules.

    These are the certification that Grant Morrison has had to take so knowing this information he deliberately set out to break federal laws: All law enforcement and criminal justice professionals who access CJIN must complete certification within six months of gaining access and must recertify every two years.

    CJIN Inquiry Certification Course – an eight-hour course that presents an overview of Montana’s Criminal Justice Information Network, the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) and the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

    CJIN Record Entry Course – an eight-hour course designed to train CJIN users in the proper entry and maintenance of CJIN and NCIC Hot File records.

    CJIN Mobile Users Certification Course – a six-hour course designed for law enforcement officers who access CJIN through mobile computers in their vehicles.

    According to several Montana News sources, the individuals that had their information compromised may end up filing a civil suit against the City of Billings, I.E. Grant Morrison individually for the illegal actions he has taken against them directly and the City of Billings since he is employed by the City of Billings. One individual may go as far as filing federal charges against Grant J. Morrison for violating CJIN/NCIC Federal rules.

    As if Grant J. Morrison has enough problems on his hands when the Ramirez Family Lawyers, (2) from Missoula, Two Private investigators, (3) Lawyers from Utah and potentially a law firm out of Denver that has some interest in Grant J. Morrison police dealings.

    The City of Billings has a black legal storm building over the halls of the Billings Police Department all due to Grant J. Morrison who has become a liability due to his own making.

    • Kelly Calkins
      June 25, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      I too am a victim of officer Grant Morrison. I’m a disabled veteran and Morrison for no cause kicked my leg causing an upper tibia plateau fracture! He then after my repeated requests for medical attention, twisted the injured leg all the way up to my head! In dialogue with the internal investigator in 2014 I warned Captain Iffland I felt Morrison was a public safety issue! Now I’m changed for life!

  2. The Harvey family Seattle WA
    October 16, 2015 at 8:34 am


    Be Funky newsteam jpg

    Syndicated by:
    Montana News
    Donald Cyphers
    Investigative reporter
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Billings Montana Oct 15, 2015–//mna press//–Grant James Morrison was born on May 21, 1983.

    Phone numbers that Grant Morrison may be using or has potentially used at one time or another are: 406-850-4383 or 360-920-4450 and holds valid Driver’s License #05###########1 in the State of Montana. (Drivers License Numbers were marked out for editorial reasons, but three digits were left in to show it as an actual number and the accuracy of the information.) All this information is not considered private and can be found on PUBLIC RECORD.

    Back in November of 2008, Grant James Morrison was ticketed for operating a motor vehicle without having any insurance on the vehicle. At the time he was driving a white 1985 Chevy vehicle license plate# 3C-7126G During that time, Grant James Morrison worked for G&J Rain gutters.

    Grant Morrison ended up paying a fine in the amount of $285.00 which he did pay on 11/24/2008.

    According to Montana News Sources, Grant James Morrison at that time had no criminal conviction history on file nor did he have any accidents on record.

    At one time Grant James Morrison use to live on 68 Bozeman Trail or Bozeman Dr. in Columbus Montana 59019.

    A phone call was placed to Grant James Morrison to get his side of the story. One of the questions that was going to be asked of him was since some of his problems seem to be animal related, is he an animal lover? If so, one could understand that, and give him some breathing room if that was the case.


    Let’s see just what takes place in a phone call to James Grant Morrison. The following is what transpired with the strange response from Officer Grant James Morrison.

    Call #1. Grant Morrison was called on his cell phone number 406-850-4383, (found on public record,) on 10-15-2015 at 4:17 p.m. Once he answered the phone, the reporter identified himself, the line went dead, that call only lasted 35 seconds.

    Call #2. The Montana News reporter called again at 4:18 p.m. thinking that maybe the cell phone connection was bad and the call was dropped. So, again at 4:18 p.m. Grant Morrison’s phone was called Morrison simply stated, not interested and hung up the phone. That call lasted 28 seconds.

    Call #3. Finally the Montana News reporter called once more in an attempt to get an interview with Grant Morrison, at 4:18 p.m. Grant Morrison did talk to the reporter and stated in an elevated, ANGRY, Threatening voice, that he has no desire to talk to the Montana News and called the reporter by his first name and that if the reporter called again that he would USE HIS POSITION AS A COP TO FILE A PRIVACY COMMUNICATION CHARGE ON THE REPORTER if he was ever contacted by phone again.

    All the time he was over talking the reporter and would not answer any of the questions that the Montana News asked him nor would he stop talking long enough to find out what the reporter even wanted. He simply hung up the phone. That call last only 1 min 13 seconds.

    The Montana News does not intent to call Grant Morrison again as he proved by his own words and aggressive phone demeanor, that he is a hot head who strikes out verbally and threatens anyone with verbal intimidating, threatening, statements to anyone who dare questions his actions.

    Officer Grant Morrison’s tone of voice and demeanor over the phone resembled a person who acts like a JERK!!!!

    WOW!!! Billings finest in action.

    Based on Morrison’s attitude, his own words and tone of voice, it makes one wonder if Grant James Morrison thinks he is above the law? Or did he take his lesson from former Rogue cop, Chief Ron Tussing?

    2nd Criminal activity case # TK-2008-0000954 Citation#A45220 and case TK-2014-0000698 Citations #A48516 X 3 (a.) (b.) and (c.) Were for three pigs according to Court documents.

    In this case Grant James Morrison plead guilty/Nolo Contendre.

    Many in the public think Officer Grant Morrison is trigger happy when he shot and killed James Shaw and then Richard Ramirez which later to Morrison’s benefit, the shooting was ruled as a justifiable shooting.

    Yet, still many in the public are questioning his ability to be a Billings Police Officer and his honesty as an Officer for the Billings Police Department and the City of Billings and more importantly the public.

    Recently, Officer Grant James Morrison was issued a citation for breaking the law AGAIN. This time it was for violating Montana Code 87-6-202. Sgt. Chris Anderson from the Wildlife Game and Fish cited Grant James Morrison.

    In this case Officer Grant James Morrison is accused of possessing unlawfully a captured deer fawn (s) and held them at Seven Drums Road according to the Citation and to Sgt Chris Anderson Badge #530. Chris Anderson used to be a field Warden and moved up the ranks to make it to SGT. Chris Anderson.

    The Docket number is #TK-20155717.

    Citation # 520A 215540.

    On the citation, Officer Grant James Morrison either had someone mark out his address on the citation by using his “COP ABOVE THE LAW MENTALITY”, or maybe he did that himself.

    Officer Grant James Morrison plead not guilty in Justice Court in front of Judge David Carter on October 14, 2015.

    Officer Grant James Morrison was issued a $535.00 bond according to Court records.

    Being Investigative, the Montana News actually found Officer Grant James Morrison living at 210 2nd Ave in Laurel Montana which is on public record in multiple places. One being in the City of Laurel Court files and on other public records that the Montana News was able to gain access to.

    How long with the Billings Police Department sweep rookie Officer Grant James Morrison’s bad behavior under the rug?

    He is a cop and is NOT above the law and IS HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD than the average Joe Blow.

    It’s starting to look bad for the Billings Police Department to continually deal with what appears to the public, as a troubled Officer who cannot keep himself out of trouble.

    He is no better than the criminals that he arrests, in fact based on court records, he NOW has a record.

    What Officer Grant James Morrison does not realize is that the public, pays for his wages and it can be that same public who pressures the Billings Police Department and the city of Billings to finally hold him accountant able.

    In an interview with the Ramirez family, all they could say was, “GRANT JAMES MORRISON IS A VERY BAD MAN.” According to the family their attorney did not want them to say anything more.

    Renee Ramirez in a video interview some time back with the Montana News stated that the Ramirez family intends to hold Officer Grant James Morrison accountable individually and the City of Billings. “The day is coming.”

    Renee is referring to her brother Richard, who Officer Grant James Morrison shot and killed. “That man will cost the City of Billings a lot of money for his actions before this is all done.”

    Grant and Tina met in Washington state in 2007, shortly after he finished serving in the U.S. Navy.

    The couple arrived in Billings and married in about 2008.

    Grant Morrison was a Reserve Officer for the Laurel Police Department, then in March of 2009 the Billings Police Department hired him. Many in the public think that was a BIG MISTAKE.

    Stay tuned for yet another article on Billings Police Officer Grant James Morrison. The Information that the Montana News is digging up just gets even better.

  3. Billie P. Avota
    September 2, 2015 at 9:31 am

    I guess commenter “whaddauknow” needs to go back to his hole and hide. Nothing can stop the Montana News. I’m proud that Cyphers stands for those people who can’t stand for themselves. Now this is a man that shows dignity, respect and compassion towards others regardless what detractors say about him. is a great news site if you want the truth. But if you want to be lied to, read the Billings Gazette.

  4. dumbowhatdauknow
    January 30, 2015 at 12:56 am

    The Montana News is a great news agency. Cyphers tells it like it is. Ha ha ha you read whatdauknow. I think your a dumb piece of crap . at least the Montana News speaks the truth. More than I can say of the Billings gazette. Grant Morrison IS A MURDERER.

  5. whaddauknow
    January 17, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    Well, to the commenter “David Blacksmith” above, how soon you forget that Brawley and his wife were commencing a robbery on a hard-working, taxpaying citizen’s home, Brawley escaped and used an officer’s car as a deadly weapon, and had the full intent of escaping his crime.

    As for Donald Cyphers and his “montana news station” propoganda, talk about the biggest and filthiest spin ever. Go back to your hole, Cyphers, no one watches, reads or listens to you.

  6. April 23, 2014 at 9:08 am

    by MO MALLAK

    Syndicated by: Montana News Donald Cyphers Editor-in-chief
    Billings Mt April 23,2014–//man press/–We all respect and appreciate the work our police department performs daily. We understand the severe risks they must encounter more frequently now then perhaps a few decades ago. With reports that there may be up to 19 gangs operating in the Magic City, the risk is even greater today with drugs and other mind-altering chemicals. More addicts are made every day. This is a constant struggle. Yet, without the police department and other state and federal agencies to stand guard against the constant threat to public safety, I fear we may face more risks then we realize. The system of checks and balances may be at times unbalanced.

    Officers enlist to patrol our city and safeguard against all manners of crime. They have to be alert. They are trained to assess a situation much quicker than the average citizen. Within seconds they have to gain control, assess and react. We get that clearly. We the citizens of this city do not question their ability or their function. They are fighting a battle to keep us the public from seeing the war. We thank you for your bravery and putting your lives on the line to keep our streets safe.

    The badge grants certain privileges and powers. The badge gives each officer the ability to use deadly force. With that responsibility comes a great burden. The only way to properly arm an officer is to make sure they get rigorous and constant training. To be able to quickly assess a situation and react using nothing but the training you have undergone is crucial; it is a matter of life and death. This could, with improper training, cause trigger-happy fear. What I mean is that an officer may forget his training and let other emotions dictate his actions.

    As is the case with the recent shooting of Ramirez. The officer used his previous knowledge of the victim and the rumors of the recent armed burglary, the witness who claimed to have been shot in the arm identified as Ramirez, and come to an incorrect and deadly judgment. As it turned out, Ramirez was innocent of the alleged crime. As it turned out, he had no weapon brandished. Case in point: it is alleged that Ramirez had his seat belt on.

    When the officer arrived, no one got out of the stopped vehicle, nor expressed physically any imminent threat to the officer. It has not been reported that the officer, due to any extreme actions of the stopped vehicle, felt immediate danger. It is also stated that within 54 seconds backup arrived. The chief stated that within 32 seconds from stopping, taking time to get out of his vehicle, and walking briskly or otherwise to the stopped vehicle, opening the door, and issuing orders, which were reported to be adhered to by the alleged perpetrators, the officer chose to open fire on an un-armed man. No weapon was verified to be seen by the officer.

    I’m sorry folks, but the officers “perception” that he fired first because he felt threatened does not make any sense for a trained professional. It is HIS job to determine quickly if he sees any weapon in sight that might place him in imminent danger. This is not a desk job. There are inherent risks he signed up for. He’s given the power to kill. No such testimony will you hear from him because it simply is not true. The facts just don’t add up. If he were a frightened civilian girl nervously standing there with gun in hand and “mean baddies” in the car, it could be argued that she fired from pure fear and we could possibly accept that argument.

    For a trained officer, professional, and capable of determining if there were in fact a weapon in sight to place his life in danger, to claim his hands on the seventh time going downwards is pure fantasy. Yes, his life could’ve been in danger; so do we fire at every perceived alleged bad guy we stop then claim “I felt in danger” therefore I fired first? I sense you agree with me on the absurdity of my last comment. We cannot give in to fear. We cannot kill every alleged criminal we stop. Yes, they may or may not have a criminal record. There are varying degrees to crimes. This should not pre-meditate the actions of professional police officers. This is not the Wild West.

    I believe you’ll agree with me that this officer needs to be fired. Furthermore, extreme yes I know, he needs to be charged with some crime for taking the life of a man who posed no danger that can be verified by eye-witnesses. Yet what’s more extreme? The taking of a human life? Or someone’s perception they were in imminent danger? You decide. Read the facts. We all need to be held accountable; especially when that accountability involves murder. This is final, Ramirez will not come back and there is no “replay” button.

    July 23, 2013 at 9:15 am

    First I’d like to offer my respect, condolences, and sorrows to any family and friends of Jason Shaw. I hope that you are able to find peace and solace, and that justice will prevail.
    If anything I say here offends anyone suffering from the loss of their loved one, I offer my sincere apologize. Please understand that my intent is not to exploit your loss in any way. However, I believe it is important that I share my experience and thoughts in the hopes of realizing an end to the injustice which is currently taking place in Billings at the hands of those sworn to defend and protect our Rights.
    Because I have reason to fear for my safety I would like to remain anonymous, so I will only be providing a minimal amount of information. The fear in my mind tells me to keep quite, but my heart tells me that the People must know what is happening here in Billings.

    The bpd believe that they are above the law. They have proven ,time and again, that they have no respect for the Legal, Constitutional, Human, or Natural Rights of the People. Essentially, they don’t even recognize our Natural Right To Life. When I requested(and was denied) a referal to the proper office for filling a complaint from a supervising officer who responded(at my request) to a scene where officers had just flagrantly violated my rights and committed other crimes against me, I was told, “YOU DON’T HAVE ANY RIGHTS.”, by that supervising officer. He then proceeded to refuse to return my property, which his subordinate officers had sieized without warrant after they stopped me without probable cause, physically assaulted me and detained me without warrant then forced me under the duress of verbally and physically issued threats of arrest for resisting an officer and arrest, delaying an officer and impeeding an investigation, and disturbing the peace and public disturbance to participate in a criminal investigation for which they had no reasonable suspicion of a crime even having been committed. He issued a verbal order that I was not to exercise my Constitutional Right. Then he carried my property out of veiw of the cruiser camera and proceeded to damage/vandalize my property by droppping it on the asphalt. He stole some ammunition from me, then he issued a verbal threat of violence against me should he ever “catch” me exercising my Constitutional Right. Afterwards the other officers mocked me saying, “See, it would have been easier if you just cooperated.”. Perhaps so, or perhaps cooperating with their violating of my Rights would just embolden them in their hotility, aggression, harassment and assault(s). “Cooperating” in the violation of our Rights doesn’t seem to be working out so well for the People of Billings. The police seem to be more embolden in their denial of Rights and Due Process through extrjudicial executions than ever before.
    They were angry that I was looking for a vigil to light a candle for Jason Shaw. I did not know Jason, but he was killed just a few blocks from my location. I though his death was tragic, and I wanted offer my condolensces. I was treated as if wanting to do so was a criminal act. But, what struck me most, was their complete disregard for Jasons death and clear resentment for my desire to mourn his death. It was as though they expected me to assume he deserved it, that he was invaluable and his loss was unimportant and insignificant, and how dare I think or feel otherwise. They were truly threatened by my desire to recognize and mourn Jason Shaw.
    Jason’s criminal record is irrelevant. Even if he were actively engaged in the commision of a crime at the time, we all have the Right To Due Process, and we should all be guaranteed the Presumption Of Innocence. When the police deny a suspected criminal of those Rights and Guarantees, they also deny the victim(s) of the suspected criminal their entitlement to those Rights by denying the Justice vested therein. Thereby, not only are the suspected criminal and any victim(s) of his/her crime(s) denied their Rights and Justiice, but so are the People.
    I now recognize the bpd as an organized criminal gang of tyrannical street thugs, and hyperparanoid psychopath thrill killers, with badges. They are acting as state sponsored terrorists and committing crimes against the People. The rapant extrajudicial executions being performed by the bpd are not isolated incidences committed by individual “rogue” officers, but a greater conspiracy throughout the ranks to commit crimes against the State in order to impliment their own brand of law, justice, and tyranny over the People. They are not just committing crimes against the State, but they are engaged in falsifying evidence and reports to cover up their crimes. The cheifs and other upper brass are issuing false statements in order to justify and defend the criminal acts being committed by their officers when they should be seeking charges for such crimes, and the mayor has not spoken one word of protest in defense of the People.
    I understood how those officers were exploiting the situation in an attempt to instigate a conflict with me. I’m fortunate to have the experience to recognize what they were doing at the time. If I had not, I have no doubt that I may have ended up like Jason Shaw or one of the bpd’s other murder victims. Evenso, given the comfort with which those officers violated my Rights, the threats issued to me and the clear demonstration and communication that they feel they are above the law and can act with impunity, I now have reason to fear further retaliation should I complain to any authority. But, I feel that in order for any change to transpire people must know what the bpd are doing. I just hope that someone(s) who can use the experience I’ve shared to make that change occure will read this before anyone else is denied their Rights and/or Life by the thrill killer cops of the bpd.

  8. V
    July 4, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    You will be missed. Criminal at one time or another, you were still a good person…..I remember so many times you made me smile Jason Shaw when I would frequent Town Pump. You were one of a kind. I know you are at peace now and in a better place. Glad I seen ya one last time before I moved. miss ya buddy…….

  9. N
    March 16, 2013 at 11:35 pm


  10. N
    March 16, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    All I will say is there is some serious fucking problems with every billings police officer they all act like fucking dicks treat u like shit with there finger always ready to pull that trigger that’s there attitude toward us younger folks! No worrys though if your 80 or 90 yrs. old then they show u alil respect ! I do know the cop that shot Jason was not in fear of his life by any means he shot him cause he knows he will get away with killing a person no matter wat and Morrison really probly thinks he better this communitie by doing the WRONG he is Jason didn’t want to die Morrison wanted him to die just cause!! Comeon BPD QUIT BEING THE BAD GUYS CAUSE THAT’S NOT YOUR JOB U SUPPOSE TO CATCH EM REMEMBER NOT BE ONE YOU PIGS ARE THE CRIMINALS U GET AWAY WITH WAT EVER U WANT

  11. t
    March 8, 2013 at 5:45 am

    oh kind of funny how stupid people run mouth bout shit they dont have clue and asfar as first comment f!!! face looser ron like you should be throwing stones wow you killed ex wife burned your daughter to death are the biggest rat in billings cuz comment number one is bein rat truth or not cuz far from truth i sure would like to meet your mobier if you are talkin shit i would love to chat with him

  12. Ricky goezinya
    February 20, 2013 at 11:21 am

    There is a bigger,more real and factual picture here. The common thread- Harry and Jolene Calvin, Tina Cardwell and their meth slinging crime family. Corrupt Sheriffs officer Mobier, who alerts them any time there is drug task force activity getting close to their business is not helping the cause. Citizens take note, this is one of the biggest drug families in Billings Montana. Why are their friends being shot? Well, when you come out of a meth dealers house that the police have been trying to take down for over 10 years and refuse to cooperate with simple requests of law enforcement AND one of your so called friends yells “GUN”? It’s- “Murder by friends”. Officer Mobier is the sole link to leaking information to this crime family, eliminate him from the picture and they will fall like bricks. Keep up the good work BPD, I just wish you’d start shooting the people who cause this distruction. This is the second shooting with ties to Harry Calvin Jr. and Jolene Whirley- Calvin

    • chandra
      March 4, 2013 at 9:17 pm

      Whats with the meth dealer coments there was no drug arrest during this murder.

  13. David Blacksmith
    February 16, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    i knew Jason since 1990, and the last real crime he commited was in the late 90’s.
    a few of Jason’s friends were killed by the billings police department, so naturally he didn’t trust the cops!

    i also went to school with dan brawley, who was shot and killed by the bpd January 6 2013.

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