RIP Clinton Allen: Even Lying Dallas Killer Cop Clark Staller Enjoys Murder Privileges

April 27, 2013

Mr. Clinton Allen

To a good number/majority of Euro-Americans, 25-year-old Clinton Roebexar Allen was simply “a black” who deserved to be shot seven times by Dallas cop Clark Staller the night of March 10. It does not matter to them that this young man was the father of twin 16-month-old boys. It does not matter to them Mr. Allen was unarmed. It does not matter to them he was Ms. Collette Flanagan’s only son. It does not matter to them he had a big sister, Chaedria Labouvier, who loved her brother very much.

What also does not matter to Euro-Americans and the imperial government of the Federal Corporation of the United States is the obvious malice involved in this case. The killer cop, Staller, struck an alleged “suspect” with his cop car back in January 2011. The victim suffered a broken ankle as a result. The individual who was struck told another cop he had been run over by Staller. When Staller was confronted with this, he said “suspects lie all the time” and denied the assault, according to the Dallas Morning News. When Staller was shown dash-cam video of the incident, he then changed his story: “I screwed up…I should not have done that.” He was suspended for 20 days (we believe without pay) in March/April 2012 after Assistant Chief Vince Golbeck called the incident “very disturbing.”

Killer Cop Clark Staller

Fast forward one year and Staller was once again terrorizing the public. He showed at an apartment complex just after midnight on Sunday, March 10, responding to a “major disturbance,” according to NBC 5 in Dallas. A familiar tale would then be told by Staller and his government employer. Staller “feared for his life,” and Mr. Allen was “choking him,” according to a statement by the municipal entity. This prompted the cop to shoot Mr. Allen seven times (with his “service weapon” as state-run media will refer to it), killing the father of two instantly. The killer cop was given at least a week off before quickly returning to “patrol” duty. State-run media also highlighted a “February 23 arrest” of Mr. Allen for possessing the naturally-occurring, cancer-killing plant cannabis.

The diaspora people of America (known as “blacks” to government and their media) eventually must accept the fact this is the long-time, historical accepted culture in this imperial land. We’re duped into believing all these token “acts” (Civil Right Acts, Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment, etc.) made Nubians equals in this country. As this website has chronicled many times, “police” were created in the mid-1800s to “catch straying and runaway slaves.” The 1857 U.S. Supreme Court decision Dred Scott vs. Sanford affirmed that the term slave equals any and all “blacks,” free or otherwise. Unfortunately we cannot even keep up with the daily slaughters of our brothers under color of state law, and miss reporting on hundreds of them. The job of police is to slaughter us and anybody who tells you otherwise is part of the problem and not the solution.

The fact is we are at perpetual war. This cop who murdered Mr. Allen will murder again and is now more respected than ever by his fellow cops in Dallas and nationwide for the kill. We simply must live our lives as divested as possible from this imperial land, realizing any encounter with these imperial forces can end this human existence. Mr. Allen is not dead…his soul is free from this biblical hell known as Earth. The kangaroo investigations being conducted into his are just that. Nothing will come of it because, again, the cop did exactly what he is paid to do.

Our thoughts are with Mr. Allen’s family.

2 comments for “RIP Clinton Allen: Even Lying Dallas Killer Cop Clark Staller Enjoys Murder Privileges

  1. Peggy Allen
    August 12, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you for this Article. It means alot to the family. We need to get the stories out there and let the people know this is going on.

  2. Collette
    April 30, 2013 at 8:34 am

    The Dallas Police Dept needs to accept and the community needs to know that there are a “gang of thugs” that exist within the DPD that hunt and prey on Black and Hispanic men. They wait for the right opportunity(certain zip codes), time (usually early in the morning)when they think no witnesses are around and they kill and satisfy their sick cravings to “hunt and kill” Until our leaders, in this city, (The mega church pastors) accept their roles as leaders in this city; and stand together and let this cesspool of corruption called the DPD that we will not stand for our men, boys and family members being executed for sport; only then will the DPD change policies to protect the citizens that they are paid to protect. These thugs are actually on our payroll, and we are paying them to kill our family members!

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