Norfolk (VA) Police Summarily Execute Unarmed Joshua Johnson; Shot 11 Times

May 24, 2013

Mr. Joshua “Omar” Johnson

NORFOLK — A young man is dead after being tried, convicted and sentenced to death in a matter of seconds by Norfolk Police, for the alleged crime of trying to cash an invalid check.

It was 2:45 p.m. this past Monday, May 20, when Mr. Joshua “Omar” Johnson and his girlfriend, Virgie Hairston, pulled into a Wells Fargo drive-thru at 2000 Colonial Avenue in Norfolk. The teller told Johnson, 22, that there was something wrong with her computer and there will be a slight delay, according to Fox 43 TV. Ms. Hairston, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said Norfolk cop cars all of a sudden surrounded Mr. Johnson’s car. The cops immediately jumped out of the car with guns already in hand and shot 11 bullets through the front windshield of Mr. Johnson’s car, killing the young man instantly.

The bullet-riddled windshield from the murder scene.

Of course the cops were immediately rewarded for the kill with paid vacations, aka “paid administrative leave.” The names of the killers are of course being protected by the Euro-imperial government.

Not only did standard state-run media and police protocol immediately commence after the young man was savagely slaughtered, but a Confederate touch was added to it. Norfolk cops say Mr. Johnson “hit them with his car” and that they are “trained to protect themselves.” Normally state-run media immediately publish stories about “prior criminal records” for murder victims at the hands of police, which in the minds of the cop-sucking community, justifies the murder. None of said media published anything about Mr. Johnson, thus none exist. Local media did, however, run a mugshot of Ms. Hairston. After witnessing her boyfriend summarily executed by Confederate cops, and lucky to be alive herself, she was charged in connection to this alleged “bad check.”

There has to come a point when the diaspora people collectively realize Earth is the Biblical hell we are all taught that we go to upon death if we do not live by the book of Euro-imperial law and culture. Mr. Johnson’s soul is now free from this existence, but his human form was taken in vain if Nubians do not re-adopt our principles from 200 years ago. Today our people are conditioned to believe that there is somehow “justice” in this country; fairness and righteousness in this country. The fact is every time you encounter one of these Euro-Americans wearing a cop costume, you have a very good chance of being killed. Our people 200 years ago, who couldn’t even speak English, realized this and took the appropriate action.

There have been a few contemporary brothers who have followed the true Nubian teachings of our brother Nat Turner, specifically Lovelle Mixon of Oakland and Omar Thornton of Manchester, Connecticut. Both of their souls are now free as well, and they both did their best to set an example, as far as showing us the only path to true freedom if we want to exist peacefully and independently on this planet.

If the people of Norfolk are expecting any adverse action against the murderers of Mr. Johnson, they are simply suffering from “we shall overcome” hangovers from the 1960s. I mean, the Daily Press in Newport News referred to Mr. Johnson as “Jackson” half the time in a story they wrote about the murder:

…and simply referred to Mr. Johnson as “dead driver” in their headline.

These people do not even consider “blacks” humans. But we continue to do them favors by killing each other, worshiping Obama and Euro-liberal ideals; and begging them for freedom and justice, as opposed to taking it like men. Until that happens, the OP-NAT EYE will likely cover at least 10 more stories similar to this one in the next few weeks.

We could not confirm one way or another at press time if Mr. Johnson had children. Our thoughts are with the Johnson and Hairston families.


4 comments for “Norfolk (VA) Police Summarily Execute Unarmed Joshua Johnson; Shot 11 Times

  1. anonymous
    May 24, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    What they dont know is that omar was nothing like a violent person…he was always respectful to everyone and that made him the person that he was…If this was not the case family and friends would not be standing up for him like they are now…Me personally I always respected him because he was a humbled young man…I and others know that he did not deserve to die…not over a bad check!!! Yes it was not right in ne way but everyone is not perfect, but to die over you imperfections is just flat out wrong!! Especially when omar did not have a gun to harm ne one in the first place…The crooked cops say they are not trained to shot at tires but they say the are trained to stop the threat and in this case the car was the threat so why didnt they stop the car which was the threat from operating but instead they pulled out their gun aimed it at omar and unloaded 11 or 12 times..All Head Shots!! They were clearly there to kill!! something or someone has to stand up for him and call it what you want ” we shall over come” hangovers…we as a people his people will face the hangover and find justice!!!!!!!!

    May 24, 2013 at 1:54 pm


    May 24, 2013 at 10:02 am

    This man didn’t act in a violent way by trying to pass a bad check!!! There was no reason for the cops to surround this car as if he was an armed robber in the FIRST PLACE!! They have the guy on camera.. and they could have easily tracked him down by the car’s license plate.

    What is going on with the police? I’ll tell you what’s going on… 80% of the police are people who couldn’t make it in life doing other positive things so they joined the police force where they can act like wild cowboys with guns. They were probably bullied as a child and use the badge to do things beyond normal citizens. Police are suppose to PROTECT! who were they protecting by shooting a person cashing a bad check 11 times. There are many in the police force who abuse their power, and some even think they are also the judge, juror and prosecutor.

    The consequences are a lot greater if you assault or kill a person in the police force…… then the consequences for the police officers who abuse their powers and break the law themselves should be held accountable greater than a normal citizen. If the police force is trained to be this way, the citizens will become worse as a whole to deal with corrupt police. The way police force is trained needs to be revisited.

    I have a real suggestion on how police officers should be hired in the future. First they should be paid a lot more. And because they’re suppose to protect the citizens and uphold the law, they should have training in social services and ALL be able to pass the BAR EXAM just as a lawyer would have to. Just this part alone would weed out most of the wild cowboys who go into law enforcement to wield a gun and act above the law.

    Where are the checks and balances? Who is overseeing the wrong doings of these cowboy police officers? Who is approving the way they are trained? Why does it seem like police officers have more power then the judges? The police doesn’t even have to bring criminals into custody anymore. They have the ultimate power to decide to take someone’s life without a trial. It’s a shame because it’s the same way our own government does things these days with our military. Going into other countries and assassinating people without a trial. Is this what America has become?

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