Lovelle Mixon: Oakland Martyr Featured In Movie “The Ghosts of March 21”

March 19, 2014 (LINKS UPDATED August 15, 2014)

Mr. Lovelle Mixon; the 21st Century Nat Turner.

Mr. Lovelle Mixon; the 21st Century Nat Turner.

“Change your attitude, change your plan…there can never be justice on stolen land.” KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions.

OAKLAND — It was late March 2009 when Operation Nation was banned from Wikipedia. The so-called “free encyclopedia” created a page entitled “2009 Shooting Of Oakland Police Officers” shortly after Mr. Lovelle Mixon was martyred in his quest to wake up and empower Oakland residents and the diaspora people at-large.

The page is nothing more than an angry white male slander piece that epitomizes European blood-lust and infatuation with police, and their dismissal of Nubian lives in general. Brian A. Wilkins, founder of Operation-Nation, jousted with Wikipedia editors for several days in the talk section after the incident. He presented nothing but facts citing their media as sources.

All of his edits, including the NPOV (neutral point of view tag), were reverted and/or removed, and our editing “privileges” banned. The facts presented completely discredited the story Oakland Police were telling and Wikipedia was trying to present. Despite their efforts, Mr. Mixon is now one of the most important black men who lived in 21st century America.

Who Is Lovelle Mixon?

Mr. Lovelle Mixon was a 26-year-old brother who was given the “felon” label by the U.S. “justice system” as a teenager. This meant the only jobs he could possibly get to support himself were janitorial, telemarketing or some other demeaning labor that pays minimum wage and provide maximum degradation. Sadly, even some of these jobs are off-limits to so-called felons. It also meant someone known as a “parole officer” or “probation officer” hounded him daily like a slave owner, trying to provoke some kind of reaction so they can threaten imprisonment or worse.

Mr. Mixon was pulled over by Oakland cops on March 21, 2009. He knew as soon as he saw those lights of terrorism in his rear-view mirror that he could either be killed or sent back to a U.S. concentration camp just because the imperial enforcers felt like it. Mr. Mixon was fed up and had enough. He used his AK-47 to put down four Oakland cops that day — several of whom had histories of killing black teenagers in Oakland.

State-run media and the Oakland Police Dept. subsequently teamed up to create the story that Mr. Mixon killed the cops because “he was a child rapist.” This tale came out after the four cops were dead. When then-acting Chief of Oakland Police Howard Jordan was asked why these alleged child rapes only came to light after Mr. Mixon took down the cops, he responded “I have no comment on that.”

Despite the obvious fictional nature of these “child rapes,” state-run media and white America ran with it. They accused any person of supporting Mixon as, among other things, supporting a child rapist and a murderer. The irony…

Diaspora Reality, European Delusions

Traditionally, the only “good nigger” to the Euro-imperial hegemony is a submissive, acquiescent one who either joins their clubs and/or plays along with the genocide as if its not happening. President Barack Obama will forever be a hero to liberal, homosexual Euro-Americans, while former Congressman Allen West, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and U.S. Senator Tim Scott, R-S.C., boot-licked their ways up the Republican ladder.

Mr. Mixon comes from Oakland, where Huey Newton, Bobby Seale et al. founded the Black Panther Party of Self-Defense in the mid-1960s. Police there (just like everywhere else in America) are given the green light to slaughter as many black Americans as they can, and be rewarded with paid vacations (“paid administrative leave”) for doing so. The Panthers not only provided meals to poor children in Oakland, but also made police think twice before murdering or assaulting yet another brother.

Mr. Mixon revived the spirit of the Panthers, along with those of Nat Turner and Charles Deslonde, and decided he would rather leave this planet than be a human toy for America. Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group and other private, for-profit prison companies replaced the cotton fields, while badges and blue costumes replaced the white sheets after the Civil War. Remember the 13th Amendment states:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

One out of every three black men born today will end up in prison at some point in their lives, compared to one in 17 white men, according to the Sentencing Project. European Americans will say this is because blacks commit more crimes or something to that effect to divert attention away from the systematic public school to prison pipeline, as Michelle Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow,” points out.

As Malcolm X said, “the price of freedom is death” and Mr. Mixon is now free from the planet Hell (Earth). America simply is not used to black men taking matters into their own hands and getting results that way. The Euro-imperial hegemony is still safe from full-fledged revolution because the black male population is being emasculated by Obama policies and prison culture; and are guided by general miseducation and state-run media. But the more Mixons we have, the sooner thing will change.

“The Ghosts of March 21” Premiere

Operation Nation Meme1

Director Samuel Stoker started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign last August in hopes of raising $15,000 to film “The Ghosts of March 21.” Despite raising only a fraction of that, the film is set to debut tomorrow at the La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. Stoker told The San Francisco Bay View that he almost jettisoned the idea completely due to state-run media’s posthumous slander of Mixon, labeling him a “child rapist,” and being an unlikable figure. He ultimately realized these rapes were lies and believed the film was too important not to complete.

“I think the war against police terrorism is resistance to white supremacy, suffering and, ultimately, liberalism,” he said. The movie will likely turn off white America and be dismissed as radical, “race card” and other pejoratives to minimize the message. But it is definitely a film for all those who are fighting the police state in their own ways.

The trailer can be viewed here. You can also visit the Cronistas website for more information on the filmmakers.

Brother Mixon’s life was not taken in vain. Thank you for your service sir. The battle continues down here.

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