John Wertsching: Maricopa County Employee Bashes Arpaio On Twitter, Blog

April 20, 2013 (updated July 22, 2019)

Maricopa County “Probation Officer” John Wertsching

*UPDATED May 29, 2013: Convicted child pornography dealer William Talley was sentenced today to one year in prison by Davidson County (TN) judge Monte Watkins. Talley is the man John Wertsching steadfastly defended on his blogs and on Twitter (see below), knowing Talley was a pedophile. The sentencing report and testimony by the district attorney is quite disturbing.

William “Bill” Talley

Matt Osborne, who attended the trial, gave a play-by-play of the entire hearing. Detective Chad Gish of the Nashville Police Department, testified about the videos Talley had in his possession. “These videos were so reprehensible,” Gish said. “[One video contained] a three-year-old girl screaming while she was being raped.”

Talley argued that his Twitter account does good in the community so he should get a lighter sentence. Talley, in addition to the one year of prison, was also sentenced to eight years probation. He also has to register as a sex offender. In other words, he got off easy.

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Wertsching went to great lengths to protect Talley. Wertsching revealed private information on Twitter about Trina Cuppett. The two worked together at one point. But Wertsching “doxxed” Cuppett, who has children, because she refused to support the pedophile Talley. Cuppett received several disturbing, demented tweets from Talley and his pedo-army. He referenced Cuppett’s family in his creepy rants. That would not have been possible if Wertsching did not give Talley information about Cuppett and her family.


PHOENIX, AZ — One of our Twitter feeds was very active yesterday after a user pointed out to us that Maricopa County employee John Wertsching, who goes by the name @azmoderate (“Uncle John”) on Twitter, had wrote a blog defending a man named William Talley, who was convicted of distributing child pornography.

Wertsching’s name was immediately recognizable by Operation-Nation. He was the county employee who illegally seized a tape recording device from our Editor-in-Chief, Brian Wilkins, back in March 2009. The recordings were of Wertsching threatening to unilaterally send Brian “to prison” for recording all conversations between them. Arizona is a one-party notification state, thus the recordings were legal. The conversations included Wertsching telling Wilkins “I own you” and “I make the laws for you.”

If you want more information on the entire Wilkins saga, read the “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail” blog series.

Wertsching blog no longer anonymous

Wertsching became very upset and defensive about his job security yesterday after another Twitter user exposed his real identity. He had been anonymously bashing, inter alia, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on his blog during the entire 2012 campaign season. Wertsching felt the need to explain himself (aka damage control) after his identity was revealed. He wrote a blog post on April 19 entitled, “Time To Let All Know The Truth.” He has since deleted the post. But the Google cache still has it, along with our screenshots.


The rest of the blog post is available here via Archives.

Wertsching Hates Arpaio

Wertsching, seemingly trying to be pro-active knowing he’s using taxpayer time to get in Twitter fights and convey political ideologies, also removed this post about Arpaio. Ironically, Wertsching boasts on the blog about Arpaio having too big of an ego and, basically, being too stupid to find out his true identity.

The rest of Wertsching’s blog post is available upon request (or in Wayback Machine searches).

UPDATED 4/22/2013: Here are some Twitter posts from Wertsching and his associates. Some of it is Brian Wilkins bashing and cop-sucking. But most of it is more attacks on Joe Arpaio. Wertsching admits (above) he is not allowed to talk about politics on social media as a condition of employment with Maricopa County.

Wertsching supports a pedophile

Wertsching caught the attention of several anti-pedophile Twitter users for defending convicted child pornography dealer William Talley on his blog. The offending post is entitled “When Is Cyber-Bullying Useful.” It has since been thoroughly redacted and edited since Wertsching’s real identity was exposed. (note: the post has since been removed by Wertsching. But here it is plus the comments via the Wayback Machine)

The kiddie-porner Talley was a former board member for liberal political group UniteBlue. He was charged and subsequently convicted of distribution of child pornography and cocaine in 2005. Talley will be sentenced for the crimes in late May. Wertsching claims to be born-again liberal after being part of the “AZ GOP for 33 yrs” until “the tea party theft of the party drove me left.” He is a supporter of UniteBlue and is supportive of Tally, at least before his blog was edited. Wertsching believes that claiming to be “liberal” now places him above reproach.

The real John Wertsching

The bottom line is Wertsching is a scared, hypocritical child who hides behind a government position and a formerly anonymous blog to rant about people. He preaches justice and fairness in his “rants.” Yet he violates people’s Constitutional rights under color of state law (in his world, known as “bullying”) He then refers to said individuals as “former defendants” and “felons” to gain the support of his friends and random cop-suckers. Wertsching would never say anything to anyone face, because, like cops, he’s nothing but a little boy without his little badge and title.

Whether Wertsching is Republican or Democrat; kiddie-porn supporter or otherwise, he’s wasting the public’s tax dollars getting in Twitter fights, campaigning for candidates he likes, and posing as a fighter of justice when he’s just a cog in the machine. We expect no action from Maricopa County because this is business as usual in this state.

Update May 6, 2013

Wertsching started a new Twitter account today under his real name @johnwertsching. The first three Tweets are links to three personal profiles of his on the Internet: Tumbler, VisualCV and Lookup Page. The new profile also has a link to a Viadeo profile and he even has a new WordPress blog.

These are obvious SEO moves by Wertsching, now that a simple Google or Bing search of his name brings up the truth about him. Wertsching believes all his new profiles/web presences will ultimately push the truth down in search results and move his stuff up. Unfortunately for a low life, desperate bitch like Wertsching, truth always prevails. We’ll continue updating as necessary.


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1 comment for “John Wertsching: Maricopa County Employee Bashes Arpaio On Twitter, Blog

  1. Keyboard Ninja
    May 29, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    I would like to remind everyone involved that I used to blog with the above mentioned man. He turned on me the day prior to the dox being released on my & my family after I outed Political_Bill as a pedophile.
    In addition he continued to feign he was afraid I would out his identity – playing the victim as he continued to blogged about me and Unite Blue and Political_Bill willfully giving the trolls yet another place to attack me.
    John Wertsching is not a victim. He is an instigator who as a person in law enforcement stood by and gave a convicted pedophile support on Twitter.
    That should say all you need to know about his integrity as a person and as a law enforcement officer.
    The only victims in this situation were the numerous children that were exploited by people such as: @Political_Bill aka William G. Talley who has been sentenced to prison today.

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