Fort Worth (TX) Police Taser Unarmed Jermaine Darden Three Times, Kill Him

May 19, 2013

Mr. Jermaine Darden

FORT WORTH — A man is dead after police electrocuted him until he could no longer breath.

It was this past Thursday afternoon when Fort Worth Police say they were executing a “narcotics search warrant” at the home of Ms. Donna Randall, the mother of Mr. Jermaine “DJ” Darden, near the 3200 block of Thannisch Avenue on the southeast side of town.

Police kicked in an unlocked door around 3 p.m. and immediately threw Mr. Darden, who was sleeping when they arrived, to the ground. Police say Mr. Darden, 33, “resisted” which prompted them to fire 50,000 volts of electricity into him three times in a matter of minutes. Ms. Randall and several others in the home tried telling the killers that Mr. Darden, who weighed 300 pounds, was simply trying to turn on his side so he could breathe.

The cops, however, were determined to get their paid vacations by killing the husband and father of two teenaged sons. They got their wishes, and Mr. Darden died a short time later at John Peter Smith Hospital, according to a report by Live Leak.

State-run media, particularly WFAA-TV in Dallas, have already commenced standard protocols, publishing a story about Mr. Darden having a “drug conviction,” which aids police in gaining support from the cop-sucking community. Fort Worth Police also emphasized that several people at the house were arrested for possession of marijuana, which to them justifies murdering Mr. Darden.

Police and their fans will continue to push the notion that their electrocution toys, known as Taser, are a “non-lethal” alternative to shooting someone with a gun. The fact remains, Tasers are more powerful than electric chairs used in death row executions, and 539 Americans have now died as a result of being electrocuted by cops since 2001, according to our friends over at Electronic Village. Regardless, the U.S. Supreme Court recently gave police permission to electrocute unarmed pregnant women for refusing to sign speeding tickets. Cops enjoy watching people suffer the pain of being electrocuted and they will ultimately get paid vacations if the victims die from the shocks.

The names of the killers are thus far being withheld by the City of Fort Worth. The kangaroo investigation by Fort Worth’s “major case unit” should conclude with the inevitable “justified” disposition within a few weeks.

Our thoughts are with the Darden family.

3 comments for “Fort Worth (TX) Police Taser Unarmed Jermaine Darden Three Times, Kill Him

  1. Mark
    June 3, 2013 at 6:53 am

    Cops/pigs are state-licensed murderers who pray on people of color, those who oppose national and multinational corporations and anybody who looks at them the wrong way.

  2. May 20, 2013 at 8:32 am

    This is the same police department that is “currently” harassing internet radio talk show host Kheri Hines who lives in Fort Worth. They have harassed and attempted to intimidate her since she covered the topic: “Charal RaRa Thomas Shooting: Justified or Homicide, Part I and II on her show back in March and October of 2011. This is a person WITHOUT a criminal background. She does NOT sell drugs or have illegal activity going on at her home. She does NOT have outstanding warrants, and has NEVER even had a traffic citation. So, that said, why has this department sat outside her home, wiretapped her phones and the phones of friends and family members, hacked into her emails and social media accounts, had her city services messed with, talked to her neighbors, attempted character assassination, followed her in and out of businesses…and worse, they committed “obstruction of justice” when they had a JP judge on Miller Street to rule against her in a frivolous civil suit. The same department that officers shot an innocent dog who was in his own yard & the officer was at the wrong address, gave alcohol to minors & tried to have sex with one of those minors, assisted with a burglary, cheated on time sheets, caught while driving under the influence, and charged with sexual assault. This department needs a REVIEW…and the city knows it.

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