Alexander Wilson: Why Euro-Americans Cheer Murder Of A 15-Year-Old Kid

Sunday Editorial
by Brian A. Wilkins

Mr. Alexander Wilson

For those of you unfamiliar with what happened to 15-year-old Alexander Wilson, here is a quick re-cap:

It was Sunday, April 7 when Mr. Wilson and Mr. Will Brown, 18, were driving a car near 35th Avenue and Camelback Road in west Phoenix. The two men noticed something that is now regular, normal life for every Nubian man – young and old – in America…they were being followed by armed state employees Euro-Americans call “police,” specifically the Arizona Department of Public Safety (aka DPS or highway patrol). The two young men, knowing it is always a life-and-death situation when Nubians (known as “blacks” in America) encounter these employees, instantly feared for their lives.

Mr. Wilson pulled into a Chevron station and the cop followed them into the parking lot. As soon as the two men exited the vehicle, the Euro-American cop opened fire on Mr. Wilson, shooting him in his eye with an AR-15 military rifle, killing him instantly. The cop, who name is being protected by Arizona government, was of course rewarded for the kill with a paid vacation, aka “paid administrative leave.” Listen to the family of Mr. Wilson, including Mr. Brown (who witnessed the murder), tell you exactly what happened.

And now we get to the state-run media accounts of the murder. CBS 5, Fox 10 and every other mainstream outlet in Arizona reported that Mr. Wilson tried to “run the officer over with a stolen vehicle.” State-run media go on to say that Mr. Wilson had a “felony warrant for armed robbery” and that is why he was running from police. We called the Phoenix Police Department last week to get documentation and details of this warrant; specifically if it was a death warrant which gave some cop permission to summarily execute Mr. Wilson.

We also wanted to know the procedure to obtain one of these warrants, and if they at all tie to the new authority of the White House being able to order kills of American citizen anytime they please. A couple messages were left, but the calls were never returned. We also called DPS and asked for the cop’s name. A background investigation needs to be done on the cop, but it appears they will protect their killer at all costs. We were placed on hold for about 10 minutes before hanging up.

But forget mainstream media for a second. Everybody knows said media work in the best interests of the state and those who possess a lot of Federal Reserve notes (known as “the wealthy” in America). It is the comments left by readers that epitomizes Euro-America’s perception of “blacks” (even the so-called liberals who love their Obama).

The KTVK 3 story about the murder has seven comments not left by family or friends as of publishing. Five of those comments, verbatim, are things like “good job officers protecting…us from this thug” (Beverly Gladstein); another praised “officers” for “dealing with the scum and criminals daily” (Kimber Timberline Barber); and of course there’s the “another scumbag off the streets” comment (Louie Rodriguez, Jr.). The KPHO 5 story has 39 comments, 28 of which may as well say “I hate niggers” on them.

The 11 comments from those genuinely concerned about a child being gunned down by police all received numerous “thumbs down.” The Reddit and Fox 10 comments are equally telling (and expected).

Though Euro-Americans simply call anything pointing out their savagery “the race card,” scientific methods also proves their predispositions. A Gallup poll from last month showed that a majority of Americans oppose drone strikes against American citizens living in foreign countries who are “suspected terrorists.” This theory, however, didn’t hold up in a real-life test.

Colorado-born, 16-year-old American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was killed by a drone in Yemen on October 14, 2011; a couple weeks after his father, Anwar al-Alwaki, an American citizen born in New Mexico, was killed by another targeted drone strike in Yemen. An Angus-Reid poll, taken a few days after the elder Al-Alwaki’s death, found that 69 percent of Americans approved of the killing.

Ironically, President Obama’s overall approval rating rose after the killing, primary due to Republican approval of the al-Alwaki murders.

The reason these numbers are the way they are is obvious. For instance, 74 percent of “black” baseball fans wanted Barry Bonds to break Hank Aaron’s homerun record a few years ago; only 28 percent of “white” fans wanted the same. State-run media made Natalie Holloway a household name when she went missing…virtually nobody knew about Stacey English when she went missing. Her photo may explain that.

Ms. Stacey English

And since the two Great Bankster Wars (known as WW1 and WW2), the United States has only invaded countries (Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, God knows how many countries on the Nubian Continent) with non-“white” citizens. Even though the Israeli military murdered 34 Americans on June 8, 1967, the United States and a vast majority of its citizens don’t dare even talk about this terror attack.

Mr. Wilson’s family can only honor and celebrate the life of their fallen son, brother and friend. “Blacks” will always be exactly what Webster’s Dictionary says they are to the Euro-imperial population: “dirty, wicked, evil, sullen, gloomy, disastrous,” etc. Nubians control nothing on this planet and, frankly, never will if the same methods are used.

Insanity is defined (by some) as repeating the exact same behavior and expecting different results. The “we shall overcome” method obviously does not and will not work. Brother Minister El-hajj Malik al-Shabazz, aka Malcolm X, said it best:

But if we sit around and do nothing, the freeing of Mr. Wilson’s soul from the Biblical hell known as “Earth” will be in vain. As “black” people, we are going to die early anyway; be it from incarceration, murder under color of state law, murder by lost souls who call themselves “gang members,” consuming genetically-modified foods and/or by some new biological weapon the imperialists decide to unleash upon us. I, myself, have told the hegemony my feelings about them and their world…so am not saying anything I don’t do myself.

Who cares what the blood-thirsty savages think of us. We all love our young brother Alexander Wilson, and we all get a little stronger as our freed souls leave this hell, look down upon it and tell those of us still stuck in human form the obvious truths most refuse to accept. The more we divest from this society, the more freedom, love and justice we have.

This would entail removing televisions from our homes, homeschooling our children, cultivating our own sustenance, and accepting the fact we are at perpetual war; which means training and arming ourselves with whatever is necessary to live a peaceful life. Wealthy people are those with love, knowledge, peace and self-reliance in their lives. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

Thoughts and prayers are forever with the family of Mr. Wilson.

3 comments for “Alexander Wilson: Why Euro-Americans Cheer Murder Of A 15-Year-Old Kid

  1. Denny
    October 17, 2014 at 8:39 am

    Good article. Police brutality is completely out of control in this country, and seems to be alarmingly coincidental with the move to disarm our populace through the gun control agenda permeating the media. Guns don’t kill people, cops do. The writing certainly seems to be on the wall, for all awake enough to see and read it…

  2. Nikki Wash
    June 11, 2013 at 2:33 am

    I appreciate the honesty. We are in Baltimore Maryland fighting against police brutality. None of these executions committed by the police have been anyone other than Black men

  3. Jae
    May 20, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Great article, thank you!

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