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Brian A. Wilkins is the administrator of this blog. He studied journalism and history at Arizona State University and worked in radio broadcasting and the newspaper industry for several years. He has challenged illegal and unconstitutional practices by local, state and federal governments in state and federal courts, and has successfully assisted several pro-se ligitants in obtaining their releases from U.S. concentration camps via habeas corpus. Brian enjoys survival camping (with just your backpack), writing, going to the shooting range and exercising. "I freed 1000 slaves...and could have freed 1000 more...if only they knew they were slaves." Harriet Tubman.

Ferguson Fallout: Americans Focusing On The Wrong Color

by Brian A. Wilkins Editor-In-Chief, Owner Operation-Nation November 30, 2014 (updated December 1, 2014) A completely clueless Washington Times reporter named Valerie Richardson, who obviously knows nothing about and/or ignores the out-of-control police state the U.S. has morphed into, published…